Someone has to beat the one that set the alarm to 7:00… That was too early but I want to go on another adventure today.

The breakfast is not nice, since the baguette got dry over night. Maybe I find something on the way. I already packed the backpack for today. Grabbing the trash and my stuff and leaving the house.

Bolt is my friend again and two minutes later I sit in a small Renault on my way to Campanhã – Porto’s central station. The price is 5,20 Euro and the trip goes half around the city on the highway. Maybe the fastet way in the morning.

At the station I have to get a ticket. I have no idea when the train will leave, but I trust the staff. There is an international train to Vigo in Spain that leaves at 8:13, half an hour from now. But I have to buy it at the international counter because it is an international train – even when you travel domestically. Including ID control for buying the Ticket.

Must be a nice train (international sounds good) so I ask for a first class ticket. No – only one class. The train stops only once before my goal and that means only an hour ride instead of 1,5 hours. And the price? Lousy 8.30 Euro. Amazing how cheap that is.

After a wrong turn (do not follow all the arrow to your plattform) I find platform 13. And the international train is a train like the one I had to Guimarães but an older modell. The seats are old but OK. I got a seat at the aisle beside another guy in a nearly empty train! ? I would say it is free choice of seating. Window of course.

One stop at Nine (that is the name of the town) and then directly west to Viana do Castelo.

Out of the station and first thing is to buy a Ticket back. There are few direct train and I don’t want to be home late because I have to pack and clean. 15:08 an InterRegional train. Half an hour longer than my train here, but no changing of trains in the middel of nowhere. The next would be in Porto after 20:00 or 21:00.

I will follow the blog again for exploring the city. Down to the old town center. A nice market square with old house and good Information signs.

I hear drums down the pedestrian zone. A group of drummers and some accordeons. No idea what they representer, but interesting.

Drums in the city

Up and down the small roads. Of course a Cathedral belongs to every city and has to be visited. I am also a little bit guided by the hunt for geocaches. Down to the river Lima walking on a nice promenade with lots of trenes. I end up in front of a moving bridge that is open and nobody working. The cache is on the other side. I won’t run around the whole marina to get there.

Back along the river side promenade that could use a little facelift. And then I want to take a break. A cappuccino and a local pastry (puffed pastry with apples). 4 Euro is not to bad for that.

Small stop with coffee and cake

Back to the water and I find a very nicely hidden cache at the old hospital ship.

Back into the old town and another church. Lots of different altars in there. But the cache is gone.

Next to the fortress. I have to cross a market where you can buy everything you need at home. From pots and pans to clothing.

The fortress is bigger than the one in Porto but not much to see there. I take the walk on top of the wall (geocaches of course) but then I see, that the time is running from me. If I want to visit the church on the mountain I need to go.

But walking would take 40 Minutes to the Elevador de Santa Luzia. My rescue is an Uber that takes me there fast. The driver Alan is from Brazil and tells me that he learns English now because he needs it for the tourists. He is approximately my age. YouTube helps him. 🙂

The elevator takes 10 Minutes and costs 3 Euro for a return ticket. Only 15 persons per tour, so I have to wait – because I am no. 17. When the elevator arrives a family doesn’t get out because they want up again. A shouting match between the staff and the father gets nearly out of hand (the word police is used several times). In the end they had to leave. Some people cannot behave.

The ticket says that instant returns are only possible when there is no cue at the elevator. But people are waiting and finally we can get in the elevator. It started raining a bit. Not much but annoying.

Because of my train ticket I just have time to take a quick look around. The view must be amazing in sunshine. South you can see the coast with beaches. I have underestimated the time I needed to see everything.

There is a cue in front of the church Santuário so Sagrado Coracão de Jesus. This means I have seen it from the outside and have to return down with the elevator. There would have been more to see up there like an old fortress. Maybe next time. That was bad luck.

Back at the station, the train is 10-15 minutes late. I booked a first class Ticket for 10, 40 Euro. Second class would have been 6,90 Euro but I Made the right Choice. 2nd class is full.

I am definitely happy with my choice to visit the town. Not many tourists here. And the trains are so afordable.

It feels like I spent most of my money for different types of transport on this holiday. Taxis, e-scooter, Bus, metro, train. But it is so cheap that it is very acceptable.

Back in Porto Campanhã a new Bolt home. Packing and food comes via Uber Eats. Long live the internet. 😀

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