About Me

My name is Björn Gregull (*1978) and I am a city and regional planner.
Born in Germany I moved to Norway in 2007 for work and am still working in the beautiful city of Molde in the More and Romsdal county close to the Atlantic coast.

Beside my full time job I mainly like to do three things: travel, photography and geocaching.

Travelling needs time and money, so I find my ways to travel as much as possible. I am not the best photographer, but I got some equipment and I promised myself to get out more and just take pictures to learn more. Both activities will be part of this blog. And both activities are great to combine with geocaching. The GPS-treasure-hunt. You always find new, exciting places in the world and even the areas you live close to.

Why a blog? Mostly for myself and friends/family as a kind of travel diary. Memories, impressions, pictures from places I went to, things I did. Should others read and enjoy this blog. Welcome! Enjoy your stay!