I didn’t need the alarm today, since I woke up on my own at 5:45. Nothing to gain by falling asleep again. My alarm would have gone of halv an houir later.

Breakfast at the hotel.They even have eggs (there is a total shortage in Norway at the moment). Standard hotel breakfast.

Bus to thee terminal for another 80 kroner at 7:38. My flight boards at 10:30, but as it is Easter I want to be on the save side. But I did’t need to worry. Not that many people here and no waiting at bag-drop and security controll.

Today I fly with SAS. Booked ages ago and got a good rate. Got an SMS that the flight is full and you can check in luggage for free. But since I have electronic in my hand luggage it is not an option. I had three free bags anyways – and I don’t know why, since I did not book SAS Plus.

My flight is not on the board yet. I just found a place to sit and wait until it is time to go top the gate.

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