I didn’t need the alarm today, since I woke up on my own at 5:45. Nothing to gain by falling asleep again. My alarm would have gone of half an hour later.

Breakfast at the hotel. They even have eggs (there is a total shortage in Norway at the moment). Standard hotel breakfast.

Bus to thee terminal for another 80 kroner at 7:38. My flight boards at 10:30, but as it is Easter I want to be on the save side. But I didn’t need to worry. Not that many people here and no waiting at bag-drop and security control.

Today I fly with SAS. Booked ages ago and got a good rate. Got an SMS that the flight is full and you can check in luggage for free. But since I have electronic in my hand luggage it is not an option. I had three free bags anyways – and I don’t know why, since I did not book SAS Plus.

My flight is not on the board yet. I just found a place to sit and wait until it is time to go top the gate. Finally it is time to board and head down to Paris.

Landed in Paris

I have my own inflight entertainment system with me again. Some series and movies from YouTube and Netflix to have some entertainment. On top I have my audiobooks.

A normal flight and we land in Paris on time. Just having to get my luggage, which means to get through this terrible architecture of terminal 1, where there is no logic in which floor is the one right for luggage or check in.

I send a message to my parents that I landed and that they can com to the airport to pick me up. I chose the wrong exit of course and had to go around the terminal to find them. But not a problem and a short time after that we are on our way to Villejuif in the south of Paris. There we have booked our AirBnB.

Driving in France is an adventure. The drivers here have no respect and no fear. They drive as they want. Combined with a terrific traffic jam most of the way. Driving is nothing I can recommend in and around Paris. But we had to do it.

God thing, that we arrived at our house in good time for the check in. But first you have to park the car, go and find the house (it is in an area with a barrier for cars) and then get into the flat. Then you have to find the remote for the barrier, that was not placed where it should have been, but in a drawer in the kitchen.

That hurdle gone, we were able to move into the flat, get all our stuff up into the flat and my father was able to park the big SUV in s parking spot that was not planned for big cars.

The flat is nice. Three bedrooms, a toilet and a shower in separate rooms, a kitchen and a big dining table for enough persons. I get the bedroom with an extra shower inside the room. Convenient. The third bedroom becomes the storage area. First we wanted to stay here with five persons, but my brother and partner got a dog – and this flat allows no pets. But I think that was a good thing in the end. It might have been crowded.

First we have some coffee and lemon tarts that my parents bought on the way to Paris. Then we want to take a round in the area we live in. Some side streets. A little bit dirty (which must be a French thing), not the best area. This is how the people live in the city. Not the fancy houses you see in movies in the center of Paris. Concrete and high rise buildings and some creative additions. We also find a supermarket to get some food, drinks and other stuff that we will need. We actually walked quite a bit.

But soon we do preparations for dinner. We just want baguette and cold cuts/cheese. The area where we live has a small boulangerie. Two baguettes for 2,20 Euros – and my mother comes with a 100 Euro note. The poor guy had to empty his register and pockets to give her the change. First day and we cannot come back here. ūüėÄ Ok – not that bad.

Sitting together for the evening, before going to bed. Tomorrow we start sightseeing.

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