On tour again. This time on my way to Stockholm as many times before. Scandinavian Airlines thought it would be a good idea to stop all flights from Molde from February 2024. That means, that I have to use my remaining bonuspoints now, if I want to get something out of them.

After som back and forth – without finding a destination in Norway where I could get to in an acceptable amount of time, I topped up my Eurobonus with Trumf to 20000 points and booked a retur flight to Stockholm. And since I didn’t want to pay for the hotel – i used my Strawberry points to get 4 nights for free. That is the short version of it.

I hate early morning alarm clocks. Especially when I woke every hour to check the time. But catching the bus at 7:1\ is not a problem and on the way to the airport. Light snowfall. My first leg is from Molde to Bergen with Widerøe on their Dash 8-400. A cup of tea inclkuded and 45 minutes later we arrive in Bergen with a small delay because of deicing.

45 minutes to my next flight with SAS to Stockholm. I only have to wait 10 minutes before boarding starts. Embrear 195LR. I have not had that planetyp from SAS. Nice seating. I think there might be a video on the way.

Landing in Stockholm on time 12:10. Just have to get my luggage (which allways takes some time in Stovkholm). I use the time to buy a ticket for the FLygbussarna that will take me to the city – directly to the hotel. Much cheaper but also much slower than the Arlanda Express train. Had to wait in line for bus no. 2 to arrive.

At cityterminalen, the hotel is just around the corner. And I get my early check in – perfect. Love my status. Verty friendly receptionist. Basic but large room. Comfort Xpress is without breakfast and any other perks, so that I will have to sort out.

Out in the city. Walking on Drottningsgatan towards Gamla Stan (the old town). Feels like home. Snow on the streets makes it a little bit slippery, but I have spikes under my shoes. Gamla Stan’s Chrismas Marked is my destination. Small but cosy wiht a lot of food and small arts and crafts. And a lot of tourists. Bought some Polkagris and then I take a beeline to Under Kastanien – my favorite cafe in Gamla Stan. Carrot cake and a hot chocolate. I feel tired.

Back to Stortorget and I need a Geocach today to fill my matrix for days with finds. One is a little bit further away near Odenplan. I have to take the bus, but my phone is low on power. I risk buying a ticket in the app, putting my phone on flight modus to conserve energy. I make it to the spot with 4 % left. Fast going to the cache and finding it immedeately. 3 mminutes later my phone dies. And I have to get back to the hotel – not walking th long way.

I had to get a SL-Card. nearest trainstation is Odenplan and for good measurement I get the 72 hour ticket. Now just shopping a little bit for breakfast at Hjemkøp and the next bus to T-Centralen.

On my way to the hotel, there is a Burger King at the corner. My dinner for the day. The evening is used for videos and early lights out to get som sleep.

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