Time for some holidays. Still cold in Norway and we even had some snow. The whole family is gathering in Paris this time. I have been there once before, but my parents have never been in the city.

But first I have to do another days work. And in the afternoon I took the bus to Molde airport. Since SAS stopped flying from here, I have to take Norwegian. Which is all Ok, just not for international transfer. But I have to sleep in Oslo anyways.

After lunch I am all alone at work. Not much that gets done, but a little bit. Bus to Årø airport. The app says, that the bus is not operating, but the screen is. A little bit to early at the airport, but that gives me a nice seat. First time here since SAS stopped operating from Årø. Fewer people on a day many want to travel.

My ride to Oslo

Boarding. There is a lot of space in the plane. Uneventful flight, but landing in the snow in Oslo. Terrible B gates where you have to walk forever. But when I come to luggage claim, my bag drops out on the band. Perfect.

Bus is waiting – talk about timing today. 80 kroner to get to the hotel entrance. The Clarion hotel is not the newest, but nice to stay at. I found a rate 200 kroners cheaper while working. So I canceled my booking ad rebooked. I get an automatic upgrade as Platinum member and ad check in, I ask for another upgrade (which is possible). And having status and being nice helps. Got a junior suite.

The Social Club is the restaurant at the Hotel. Been there before and the food was Ok. Not today. The burger was not seasoned, the fries were limp and the Parmesan had to be searched for. And shrinkflation is also happening here. For 265 kroner I would have expected more. The voucher of 125 kroner helped to ease the pain, but I send a mail to the restaurant anyways. They can do this better.

Bad burger and bad fries

Early night with some YouTube videos before sleeping.

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