10.08.2022 Dinosaurs in Drumheller

Early morning and Kyle is taking me to Drumheller to visit the Royal Tyrrell Museum. Good thing is that he shows up with a cup of coffee!

Drumheller is about 135 km north-east of Calgary. About a 90-minutes drive, unless you stop on the way to find Geocaches – which we did. As soon as you are out of Calgary, there is not much to see but fields and nearly no bump in the landscape.

Drumheller is known as the “Dinosaur Capital of the World” and has Canadas only museum fully dedicated to paleontology. They also have the larges Dinosaur in the World (a model of a T-Rex) and the badlands with some interesting eroded sandstone cliffs.

The museum was amazing. They have so many exhibits, including the best-preserved Borealopelta (looks like a prehistoric crocodile^^) and the exhibitions are build beautifully thematic through the ages. You need a lot of time here and several visits to see everything.

After roaming the exhibition for some time we went out to do the walk around the badlands interpretive trail, just outside the museum. It is quite warm here. But that is so much better that to only visit the big cities.

The town of Drumheller is – boring to be nice. The only thing they have there is the big model of the T-Rex and streets named after some dinos. Ok… and some Geocaches that we found.

After we have seen everything we drove back to Calgary and my hotel, but stopped at two or three very nice gadget caches.

Not regretting getting out here in good company! On thing I learn more and more is to leave the cities and explore the areas around! Cities are (nearly) all the same.

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