Time to say goodbye to Marrakesh and go back to Norway. My bags were packed yesterday, so today I only have to put in the stuff I needed this morning. I have some time, so no hurry. After the breakfast I go down to the lobby and check out, which includes that I have to pay a local tax, but no more then a few Euro. time to take a seat outside and listen to my audiobook and reading a little bit until my driver arrives.

He is even a little bit early and the ride to the airport is smooth and uneventful. I can recommend to take a driver. Yes, it is much more expensive (compared to the local rates), but you will not get ripped off, av a nice, clean, comfy car and good service. Check Tripadvisor for good ratings – that is what I did.

Marrakesh Airport - Departure
Marrakesh Airport – Departure

At the airport I go to the departure hall. First difference to all airports I have been to is, that your luggage gets scanned before you enter the building. And of course I have to open my luggage again – with all my cables and stuff. But a friendly security guard and a very short check later and I am inside.

Marrakesh airport - Arrival
Marrakesh airport – Arrival

As good looking as the airport is from the outside… the inside is in my eyes chaotic and boring. Just a big hall, where they could have done some more to make it “cool”. The check in does not open until 2,5 hours before the flight  and I am again early. But I am in front of the line. The staff here is as chaotic as Marrakesh is. Never seen staff at the check in counter so headless. And combine that with typical Norwegian tourists (I mean not the smart ones) – perfect. Lucky to be first in line. The backpack of a woman behind me got stuck in the conveyor. 🙂

Now you just have to find the security control (make sure to fill out the traveler card for emigration before you go in there). First checkpoint – did you fill out your card and do you have a ticket, ok… go on. Next checkpoint – do you have something to declare, no?… go on. Next checkpoint – passport control (this time you can read the stamp :)) … Next checkpoint – is your passport stamped, ok… go on. Next checkpoint – ticket check once more… Hello? That were 6(!) checkpoints before you are in the gate area. That could be done much more efficient.

Marrakesh Airport - Departure hall
Marrakesh Airport – Departure hall

The airport is like the most other airports. Don’t buy souvenirs here. The prices are several times what you pay in the city. And the food is very basic. But they have power outlets here – nice for a last charge before boarding. I get some baguettes, because they are cheaper than on board. And some water (Soft drinks, snacks etc. have Norwegian (or higher!) prices). That should get me home. Boarding starts on time and a very fast boarding. Time to set up my own entertainment system again and of we go.

Uneventful flight. Landing in Oslo late and no flight to Molde tonight, that is why I have to stay at a hotel at the airport before going home. Gardermoen Airport Hotel. Never been there before. Nice hotel. Everything you need. Happy to fall into bed.

Above the skies - DY1699 RAK-OSL
Above the skies – DY1699 RAK-OSL

And today we start with a nice Norwegian hotel breakfast (I miss my orange juice) and back to the airport as late as possible. My flight leaves at 14:00 and no lounge today as I am flying with Norwegian. Landing in Molde 15:00. Sharing a taxi home saves some money and is faster than waiting for the bus that never is there when you need it.


This is the end of my first trip to Africa. A beautiful experience (minus the nearly robbery). I will think about a tour back, then to Fez and the northern area that I have heard is very interesting. As long as the country stays that open for other cultures. Never had a problem, you ave to get used to some thinks they do different (traffic rules :D) but otherwise no complains.


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