Last day in Portugal. I didn’t work to sleep in. I have a sleeping rhythm as it seems.

Most stuff is packed. Just some minor Things and a last dish washing duty. I take the rubbish out and then I kill sole time until 10:30.

Last tour with the not so level elevator. Ordering a Bolt Comfort to take me to the airport. 11 Euro is again not a bad deal.

At the airport I find out that the Lufthansa group has a dedicated check-in counter and I can drop my bag even about 3 hours before my flight.

Security control is fast and then I am airside. I have to kill some time. I should have booked the lounge in the Norwegian app, but that has to be done 24 hours ahead. To get in now would cost 36 Euro and that is not worth it.

A bite for lunch and then finding a place with an outlet to charge my phone. Prices at the airport are worth than in Norway, especially with the current exchange rate.

I have flown Austrian Airlines once before on my way back from New Zealand. But the in business class. Today it is economy.

The plane is on time. An Airbus A320-200. Boarding is a little late from gate 31. And some people have never heard of group-wise boarding or how that works. But finally they got everybody on bord. Seat 21 A back in the plane. Surprisingly good legroom.

The flight was Ok. A little bit of a grumpy crew. Austrian Airlines offers two drinks and a sandwich which was quite soggy and tasteless. But compared to SAS where you only get a coffee, much better.

Landet about 20 Minutes after scheduled arrival. Long walk to baggage claim. Slow working. But finally I got my luggage.

Outside of the international arrival is a guy with a sign that has my name om it. The driver I booked to get me to Bratislava. Richard takes me to the Mercedes E in the garage.

The drive is 65 km and takes ca. 1 hour. Talkative driver that has an university degree in acting and does physics now.

In Bratislava he leaves me at the old town end Even pushes my bag to the entrance of the house where my AirBnB is. Great service, which one would expect when you pay for it.

I get my keys 20 minutes later from Alexander (i forgot to text him earlier because I was charting with my driver).

The flat is in the second floor of the house in the old town. It is in the backyard, so no noise from the restaurants on the street. Very nice flat. Everything one needs. But warm. This one has no AC and it is warm in the city. I will have to use the fan. Maybe central Europe will get more ACs soon with the temperature changes.

I put on a washing machine since I am out of Shirts with short arms. I also checked my meeting place for the city walk tomorrow. 10:00 is the start.

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