Ok… it is a Podcast for special interests – hunting for bonus points, especially Eurobonus points (SAS). But never the less. 😀 The guys tried to save as many points at it takes to travel around the world on first class. A nice challenge.

I had not listened to the podcast for a while – never came around to continue – but then I continued and in episode 21 of “Klassereisen Podcast” as it is called, quite at the end I am mentioned.

Here the link to the episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5ceD38IEGCf2bEWqEUanqK?si=e-BSEwy4TBKqhhJM5ZMPXA

I wrote about the meeting with Henrik in my blog of day 3 in Buenos Aires http://www.travelelg.com/buenos-aires-day-3-graveyard-talks-and-busride/.

The complete podcast is out there – if you speak Norwegian – and here is the link: https://open.spotify.com/show/2dZcrIXxxwwMKKy0RkWI12.

I think they are on tour now and I have to listen to the conclusion of the trip and how it worked out.

Just a side note, but a fun one. 🙂

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