Ok… it is a Podcast for special interests – hunting for bonus points, especially Eurobonus points (SAS). But never the less. ūüėÄ The guys tried to save as many points at it takes to travel around the world on first class. A nice challenge.

I had not listened to the podcast for a while – never came around to continue – but then I continued and in episode 21 of “Klassereisen Podcast” as it is called, quite at the end I am mentioned.

Here the link to the episode: https://open.spotify.com/episode/5ceD38IEGCf2bEWqEUanqK?si=e-BSEwy4TBKqhhJM5ZMPXA

I wrote about the meeting with Henrik in my blog of day 3 in Buenos Aires http://www.travelelg.com/buenos-aires-day-3-graveyard-talks-and-busride/.

The complete podcast is out there – if you speak Norwegian – and here is the link: https://open.spotify.com/show/2dZcrIXxxwwMKKy0RkWI12.

I think they are on tour now and I have to listen to the conclusion of the trip and how it worked out.

Just a side note, but a fun one. ūüôā

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