After doing a lot the last days, this day is supposed to be a slower one. My mom has decided, that she wants to rest herself and her arm. So it is the rest of the family that does some stuff today.

Meeting point is the Jardin du Luxembourg in the heart of the city. My father and I take the Metro to Odéon where we meet Lars and Christopher with Tilli. The park is only a short walk away.

There are no dogs allowed inside the park if you don’t count in a separated area on the westside, where dogs are allowed. But you cannot enjoy the whole park. There are some people here, but the park is not overrun. That might be different in warmer and better weather and in the summer.

The north end of the par is dominated by the Palais du Luxembourg, which was a royal palace once but now houses the French senat. The east side is dominated by tennis courts and other installments for sports. The center is a pond which is used by kids with small toy sailboats. Quite fun to watch the collide.

We meet up at the end of the park and then decide to take a stroll through the area. We walk through the 6th and 7th arrondissement to the Esplanade Jacques Chaban-Delmas. From there we have a nice look at the Hôtel des Invalides. But we will not look at the tomb of Napoleon or the church and museums.

A turn into Rue de Babylone and walking down there. We have already done a lot of walking again. At the Square Boucicaut my father and I go our own ways and decide to go home while Lars and Chris will do some more.

A typical street corner as you would imagine in Paris

Before we go home though, there is the need to get some more French baked goods. Google maps is of big help here. There is a patisserie a few streets away. More walking. But then We can hop on the next Metro to go home and enjoy the cake.

In the evening we go out for dinner together, since Lars and Chris are leaving for home tomorrow. I found a French restaurant not to far away – a little drive only. The Chez Papa at the Av. Aristide Briand. A small restaurant, but nice. Everybody is using their translation scanner on google on the French menu until the waiter comes with an English one. Nice food and a nice vibe in the restaurant. We were happy about the food and company.

Time to say good bye to the two leaving us and back to the flat. I have to get up very early tomorrow.

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