Let’s start With the reference to a catchy but otherwise totally stupid German song. 🙂 The destination for the 2020 guys trip is confirmed. This year – after no trip last year – the destination is Moscow, Russia in May.

Why go to Russia… go question. Started with Sheepy and me talking about it, watching at a big world map on the wall and the question “Where do we go?”. It should not be to expensive, in reach for an extended weekend and – we were both agreeing on this – not to warm.

So eastern Europe was on the map, but everybody flies to Poland or the Baltic states nowadays. We have been to the Ukraine and not so many choices left. Moscow, Russia… why not.

Checked out some flights and they were at acceptable price levels. Long story short a weekend later, we chatted and booked flights with KLM and Aeroflot, connecting through Amsterdam. Not easy to find good arrival times. The cheapest arrive at 1 am… No thank.

Next step the hotel. I should be central, in walking distance to some attractions, good connections to the subway and good quality. After some search, Sheepy found an offer on Booking.com that was great. 10 minutes walking to the Red Square. Good price, too. We booked the Custos Hotel Lubyansky.

We tried to get some other friends to come with us – the more the merry, but unfortunately, we had little success. Will not hold us back.

Now we are trying to find out what to do – it is a guys trip after all. Some ideas are a AK-47 lesson. Escape Room and Bunker 42… more to come.

I think some Vodka might be involved. 😀 Looking very much forward to it!!

And for those, who don’t know the song I am referring to, here is the video:

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