As always I like to start thinking early about travel yo get the best information and the best deals.

But this time I started of with a bit of a dilemma. Where to go for my big birthday tour next year (Easter 2018)? I had an idea of going to Brisbane, Australia for three weeks. Including a tour up and down the coast and a trip to Uluru.

But then I saw some programs and videos about New Zealand and began to think. And that is the reason why I like to start early – I am spontaneous. I like to make and change plans. I got new options and will think about the possibilities. 3 Weeks New Zealand? 3 weeks Australia? 2 Weeks New Zealand (northers island) and 1 week of Australia?

A lot of options now. I like it. I also would like to have more days off, then the problem would be smaller. 🙂 Something to work on.

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