My alarm starts at 7:00. Today I am going to Vienna, Austria. The first thing I hear is rain.

A quick shower to wake up, get dressed and pack everything including my umbrella.

Best to take the trash out at the same time… And I unfortunately grab my breakfast and throw it away. :/ Had some nice plums and an apple, but I am not getting them out of the trash again. 😭

A short walk to the tram station and directly to Bratislava central station. My train leaves in 45 minutes. Just buying an apple juice for breakfast and sit and wait.

The train is on time and the ride takes about 1 hour and 15 minutes to Vienna central station. No internet on the Austrian side (on could think you are in Germany) – and I wanted to check sone stuff to do for today.

My ride to Vienna

The central station is not very central to what I want to do. So first thing is to buy a 24 hour ticket for Vienna, to be flexible. And the I take the U1 to Stephansplatz.

In the heart of the city, St. Stephan’s cathedral, surrounded by gazillion. of tourist running after signs, umbrellas and flags. Mass tourism again.

The cathedral is like many others, just here they want at least 6 Euro entrance fee. Nope… Not for me. Seen enough church es and the bloody Vatican an has enough money.

Walk in up Graben towards Am Hof instead. Some geocaches in the route and the usual, more expensive shops here.

Walking on, passing Schottenkirche until I reach Votivchurch. Left on the Ring towards City hall. Unfortunately This and some other impressive buildings are packed up for renovations or events – like the film festival at city hall.

A little walk around Volksgarten (The people garden) with beautiful roses, dedicated to lived ones from people. All with a small message.

Can’t go through Vienna without visiting the Hofburg. Walking left and right and soon reaching my goal – The Hotel Sacher, home for the famous Sachertorte. If you want to stay a night, it starts at 700 Euros… But I am here for the cake.

People are standing in a ling cue for the old Cafe Sacher and I don’t want to join them. There is the Salon Sacher in/at the Hotel, designed in the style from the 1920s. And they had the same cake and no line outside! Great cake and hit chocolate with Amaretto for about 20 Euro.

It started raining again. Nobody needs that. But I had great weather the whole trip. Complaining on a high level.

Walking towards U3 to get to Schönbrunn castle. Missed the stop and go in from the other side. Not a Problem, just more walking. But it started to rain more. Not a question that I will walk through the whole area in this weather. But the solution is a small sightseeing train that gets you around the castle and park in 45 minutes for 12 Euro. If you get in and off before the main stop, nobody would check your ticket. Interesting system.

Time to get back to the city for dinner. Can’t leave Vienna without a Real Wienerschnitzel which has to be veal. Figlmüller is the go to restaurant for tourist, but there is a long cue. Just a few meters from it is the restaurant Lugeck. Good reviews and they have a table if I can leave before 18:00. That should work.

Very good schnitzel and potato salad combined with a drink for only 33,50 Euro. 🙈 Tomorrow will be a day to save money.

The one and only Wienerschnitzel!

Back to the central station to catch the train back to Bratislava. The retur ticket Bratislava-Vienna-Bratislava costs 17 Euro and is valid for any train you like.

The weather is getting better in the trip back. Bad luck. 19:30 back in Bratislava and them by Tram back to the old town. Enjoying the evening in my AirBnB.

Tomorrow is my last day before I leave om Sunday. 😭

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