Happy New Year 2022 everybody.

I have to admit, that I wasn’t to good in updating my blog in 2021. I didnt’t think I had a lot to write about. But there were some trips anyway.

  • Stockholm
  • Riga
  • Germany
  • Kirkenes
  • Bodø/Northen Railroad
  • Hurtigruten Tromsø-Molde

Maybe I will write a summary about some of the trips, but it may also be that I concentrate on what is to come and what is planned for 2022?

Trips planned in 2022

I have planned and booked a few trips. All of them in a way that I can cancel the trip at any time – the times are still a little bit uncertain. It is a good mixture of traveling and geocaching and meeting people. Now with the booster shot done, I hope that it gets more easy for me to cross country borders. So here is the list which might be updated throughout the year:

  • Ålesund (01/2022 – weekend trip)
  • Trondheim (02/2022 – weekend trip)
  • Tallin, Estonia (02/2022 – weekend trip)
  • Bergen (03/2022 – weekend trip)
  • Oslo (03/2022 – weekend trip)
  • Stockholm, Sweden (04/2022 – family week)
  • Rome, Italy (04/2022 – directly from Sweden, including San Marino and Vatican City)
  • Prague, Czech Republic (05/2022 – weekend geocaching GIGA-event)
  • Calagary, Canada (08/2022 – week meeting a geocaching friend and a short stopover at New York on the way back) – Backup for this is Spain/Portugal, shoiuld travel not be possible!
  • Germany (09/2022 – Geocaching event close to home – MAYBE)
  • Hamburg (visiting a friend – no date chosen)

Other plans


  • Getting up to 3000+ finds
  • 4 new countires
  • 1 MEGA and 1 GIGA event
  • filling my matrix with dates of found caches
  • organizing some events while traveling
  • Finishing Trønderlag county or continuing another one for the all municipality challenge
  • Keeo my friend Hagen at a “distance” 😛


  • Making some more travel videos for my YouTube channel (Travelelg)
  • Keeping my Gold status for my hotel chain
  • Keeping silver status at SAS Eurobonus
  • Collect as many Eurobonus points as possible
  • Travel as much as possible (local, national and international)
  • Making some videos for my gaming channel (TElg78)

A lot of thiongs to do. So lets get the party started!

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