The plans for 2017 are made and confirmed. It will be an exciting year.

April: Dortmund/Germany (9 days) – SAS

April: Stockholm/Sweden (7 days) – SAS

Mai: Torshavn/Færørerne (4 days) – SAS

June: Copenhagen/Denmark (2 days) – Norwegian and DFDS Seaways

August: Dortmund/Germany (3 days) – SAS

September: Stockholm/Sweden (3 days) – Car

October: Hongkong/China (8 days) – SAS

November: Marrakech/Morocco (8 days) – Norwegian

Looks like I take many days of work, but good planning and a employee friendly year with all the holidays in the right places make it possible. And I am thinking about my big trip down under in 2018… I love the process of planning a tour… More about the trips later on the blog.

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