As we already are closing in on March (who does time go so fast?) I have made my travel arrangements for this year. 2021 will be a national focus on Norway since there is no real possibility to travel anywhere else.

I also have some SAS Eurobonus points that I was able to use for this. I will make more while waiting for 2022. So it will not harm me to use some of them for fun this year.

In addition, SAS had two special offers. One was around Black Friday last year (50 % less point domestic) and one offer a few weeks ago with a 30 % reduction in prices on bonus flights.

But it is not only flying that will take me to my tour this year. In addition I have planned road trips since I canceled my tour to Bergen in May (restrictions and infections would make it a boring trip) and my trip after the Easter holidays to Germany, due to restrictions.

Here are my trips for this year. More will come as articles in my blog later on.

05/2021 – Innlandet Geocaching Road Trip
My alternative to the flight to Bergen is a road trip from Molde to Oppdal, a night in the hotel there, then down along the Swedish border towards Hamar, collecting both municipalities, Challenge caches and sectors, staying in a hotel in Gjøvik and then work my way back up to Molde.

05/2021 – Orkanger Geocaching Trip
The Sunnmøre Geocaching Group made an effort to solve a 81 Mystery Caches series that will cover the whole D/T Matrix. Three days in Trondheim to find these caches , maybe with several people.

06/2021 – Bodø, Norway
A long weekend where I hope to meet a friend from the first place in Norway where I lived. Haven’t seen her in years. Been in Bodø once before but don’t have many memories. Will check it out and then take the train(!) back to Trondheim. It is said to be a fantastic trip of 10 hour. Again a bargain. 30 % reduction on the bonus points costs and the train- if booked 60 days in advance – will cost me 30 EUR in comfort class. Hotels are full prize though.

07/2021 – Kirkenes, Norway
Far north to the Russian border. Will have my base in Kirkenes and then take a rental car around. Never been there. There is a national tourist route I want to drive and some photography and geocaching will be relevant activities.

07/2021 – Stavanger, Norway
Another long weekend. Flight to Stavanger but not going to the city Stavanger. I will take a rental car and drive along the coast south of Stavanger. An area I have never been and now I have the time to explore the country. Camera and GPS in my pocket for the normal activities.

09/2021 – Sandnessjøen, Norway
If the restrictions let me do it and the vaccination is going as planned this might be my first Geocaching MEGA event. A 650 km drive one way. No way to get there by plane cheap, so car it is. Looking forward to this one.

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