This is not Star Trek the Original series or the furry guy from the planet Melmac… SAS came out with som good point offers for bonus customers. Bergen, Longyearbyen, Tromsø and Alta are on offer for 5000 Eurobonus points for a retur ticket (that is 50 % saved) and you only pay taxes and fees.

So I couldn’t stopp myself… Having been to Bergen several times and just having been on Svalbard to Longyearbyen I booked flights to Alta in northern Norway in february (which will be in the dark period without daylight) and to Tromsø the first week of may. 40 Euros for each tour makes ist a grat bargain – Ok, I have to pay a place to stay, but… hey… YOLO!

For those who dont know where it is, here is a map (Molde = green, Tromsø = yellow, Alta = brown):

Skjermbilde (1)

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