It should have been day -1 in the title. Since I had to leave a day early thanks to SAS removing the Monday morning flight from Molde. This will be a longer journey to my destination.

One good thing though is that I was able to sleep in and not get up before dawn like normally. Enough time to clean a little bit more, check if everything is packed and relax in front of the TV. But why is it that every time you leave for a longer trip you have this feeling inside, that you forgot something? Every time…

My luggage waiting for the bus
My luggage waiting for the bus

And since my flight leaves 17:10 I can use the bus and not start the first day with unnecessary expenses. 37 kroner to the airport. 1 large bag, 1 cabin bag and a backpack for the stuff I need to grab in flight.

The check in machine at the airport doesn’t want me to go to Canada, and my luggage should – like I – leave in Oslo. After a talk to the service staff, my bag gets checked through to YYC (Calgary). 2 bag tags needed (1 use all the 4 legs of possible flights on bonus tickets). Just have to get the back in Toronto, go through customs and check it in again. No big deal. The boarding pass is only for the SAS flights, that means that I have to get new ones in Paris. Changing to Air Canada there.

All flights are as mentioned in an earlier post payed by SAS Eurobonus points. 110,000 points to get to Calgary and back from Chicago. All flights in North America are payed flights. That means of course business class (and SAS Pluss in Europe).

Lots of stuff to get out at the security control. But then I take a seat, a pølse and my tablet and watch some HBO, while waiting for my flight. The most amazing weather outside. Did I switch off the water? Not many people on the SAS flight and the B737-700 is boarded in no time. We get an early start and the flight time is only 40 minutes (I think it was less). The flight is very empty. I have 3 seats to myself (as has every passenger in SAS Pluss).

B737-700 SE-REY
B737-700 SE-REY

Takeoff towards the west, a turn above Hjertøya – in this weather beautiful to look at. A short service with a snack and a soft drink and then we are landing in Oslo. Still lots of snow covered mountains on the way south.

Nice view...
Nice view…

I booked a night at the Radisson blu hotel directly at the terminal the best and most expensive hotel at Oslo airport, but the 70 kroner one way to the other hotels and the extra time you need do cost money, too. I already payed my stay so the check in is fast. As the price without breakfast was 300 kroner cheaper and the breakfast only costs 160, I asked for the breakfast at the reception. I might be wrong, but the machine said only 1 kroner when I authorized it. Would be the second time I get free breakfast here. 🙂

The reception
The reception

A nice big room with a view over parts of the domestic airfield/terminal. Big bed, expensive minibar, large TV, Nespresso (THAT IS NOT COFFEE!!!) and USB charging outlets on the table. Me like!

Big bed in a nice room
Big bed in a nice room – dark picture though…

The evening will end with Peppes Pizza and some movies after I wrote the blog. Checkout tomorrow at 12:00. Relaxing. 🙂

More in my blog for day 2 from Paris.

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    1. Merci mon cher ami! Doit aller au centre de Paris ce soir.

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