SAS strikes again. Cancelling and rebooking all my flights, For the best and the worse. Good thing I gfet nearly an extra day in Tallinn, bad that I have to stay a night at Stockholm Arlanda Airport.

But first a whole day at work. Luggage in the office, making my colleagues a little jealous. Bus to the airport. My flight to Oslo leaves at 17:40. On the way to Tallinn I fly economy pluss, on the way back economy.

50 minutes to Oslo, with a small delay because of deicing. In Oslo hitting the international lounge of SAS to get some dinner, since I will be to late at the hotel to use the restaurant. Not a feast, but food. I have three hours between the flights.

Next departure to Stockholm at 21:30, arrival in Stockholm 22:35. Quite a full flight. Nice to see that travelling gets easier and people are vomming back. Again a small delay with deicing. Smooth flight east and landing in Stockholm just a little bit behing schedule. 42 minutes was not that bad.

Soince my luggage is booked through to Tallinn, I can go straight out of the airport. First stopp at the check inn machine, since I have to do a second check in for my last leg. Don’t know why but no problem.

Clarion Arlanda Terminal is a nice hotel directly between terminals 4 and 5 in the middle of Sky City. Friendly check in and room on the 12th floor.

When I enter the room I see, that I have been upgradet. To a suite. I never have been in a suite before. Unfortunately I have to get up early and got to bed because of my early departure tomorrow. ‘

A living room with a sofa, a table and chairs, a TV and a coffee machine. A sliding doot to the bedroom with a big bed, TV (that even allows casting), bathrobe and slippers on the bed.

Big bathroom with a nice rainshower. A very nice suite (no way to compare to otheres).

Charging all my electronics for the next day, som YouTube ind the TV and then in to the land of sleep for an early morning.

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