How do I sum up the trip to the Faeroe Islands?

I do not regret comming here. I love to see new things and this is special and I got some great impressions. And for someone who loves traveling like me, the journey is the reward.

The Faeroe Islands are for nature lovers, bird watchers, landscape photographers and hikers if you want to stay longer. Then you might wanna camp. The islands are not that big. The main islands are great to visit on day trips when you are stationed in Torshavn. I don’t know how the other islands are. Check out some guides or the net for more information.

The nature/landscape is great but repeating itself. There is little variation. After two days you have seen most it. Maybe in the summer on a real sunny day it is much better (thanks to the guy telling me that exactly one week before I came, the weather was more than great…).

You find some nice villages when you look for them in advance. The internet and TripAdvisor are good sources to find out, what is worth visiting and what is not worth the trip. That said – the distances are not big on the Islands. 1,5 hours and you have crossed the whole “country” (the main islands that is).

There are some places to eat in restaurants, but they don’t seem to compare to continental standards. I didn’t check out the ones with the best reviews to keep inside my budget. The restaurants are quiet expensive. But remember that only 50.000 people inhabit all the 18 islands. Not many customers there.

I am happy to have seen it. But now it is time to prepare for new adventures. Two new continents on my list this year.

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