When putting out geocaches you are responsible for checking every now and then, that they are still in place and everything is ready to use. This road opens in June/July and is open util the first snow in November (or whenever this is). So this is a summer task.

My caching case
My caching case

I started with my journey to Åfarnes in Rauma municipality. From there the county road 660 east towards Mittet and Myklebostad and over to Eresfjord. On the way I placed some new caches. there cannot be a church without a cache to find. 🙂

Eikesdalen church
Eikesdalen church

Some more checks before I stand at the barrier to the Aursjo Mountain road. 100 NOK later I’m on my way up. After some small stops to check existing caches and putting out some new I park my car at the small sign for the Aurstaupet. The “staupet” itself is a waterfall, but this is the viewpoint. A rock that sticks out over the valley with a vertical abyss of several hundred meters. Nothing if you are not free from giddiness. And parents should watch their children unless they have wings. Not so sure about mothers-in-law – you have a chance here. 😀

Me i secure distance to the abyss at Ayrstaupet :)
Me in secure distance to the abyss at Ayrstaupet 🙂

Going on towards Aursjøhytta – a public cabin where you can spend the night or – as I do – take a break and eat a snack. For me it was a waffle. Great view, Ok waffle.

Not much left... great view over the Aursjø
Not much left… great view over the Aursjø


Now it is time to decent to Sunndalsøra. Nothing special, just a lot of more caches. There has been a special railway here many years ago, so I do a 2 km detour to put down one here. I pick up 3 hitchhikers on my way back to Molde. Holidays are here and this is a cheap and secure way to travel in Norway.

Home after a beautiful day and 260 km. Sun most of the time, now I have to get the caches into the computer.


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