I had set my alarm to 8 am to get the breakfast at the hotel. I booked late check out because my flight doesn’t leave until 15:40. After a quick shower down to the reception before I forget to pay my hotel room. And the to the feeding station (also called buffet). A little bit disappointing quality today. I stayed here before and it was good quality.

Breakfast buffet

After breakfast I take a little tour in the forest behind the hotel. It connects the hotel to the town of Jessheim if you want to go that far. I wanted to get my first caches of today. And a little walk of 3 km through the trees is a nice start of the day. Found three caches, and caught some Pokemon between the locations.

The cleaning staff didn’t get the message, that I would stay longer so they were knocking at the door at 12… Well, I wanted to start packing anyway. Shuttle to the airport at 12:32, check in at the machine and luggage drop. All inside the weight limits. A fast Adventure lab on the way to take a lunch burger. Real food is expensive at the airport.

Security control is done fast and then it is a short trip to gate D7 where the people for the KLM flight for Amsterdam are still waiting. So the seats are occupied. But the floor is an alternative.

Boarding the Norwegian Boeing 737-800 with seat 7A (window). Flight is full. We get a push-back on time and off we go north taken a tur left end south towards Porto. 3 hours 20 minutes of flight time today. Not much to do, but I have my own 14” in-flight entertainment system to watch videos I downloaded.

I had bought a snack and something to drink at the airport, so I didn’t have to buy the not so good stuff from the cart. Thanks to the videos the flight is over and we approach Porto. Nice view of the coast while flying in from the south,

Out of the flight (why do they save money and not use the normal ramp?) and to the luggage claim. The luggage comes surprisingly fast and n ext is to order a Bolt to the city. Bolt is the same as Uber, just better and European (I think from the Baltics). 4 minutes wait and my ride is there to get me to my AirBnB in the city. 12 Euro plus a little tip for the ride is not bad at all.

Language barrier – the driver does not speak English, just Portuguese. But it is only a short silent trip. Weather great. 23 degrees and a little wind from the ocean. If it stays that way it will be perfect. Fingers crossed.

The house from the AirBnB looks like it was build in the 70s. A concrete block. The key is in a key safe at the entrance, I got alle information needed before I left Oslo. Up to the third floor with an elevator, that is not level with the floor. To high at the ground flor, and to low at the third floor.

The flat looks nice. Kitchen, living room, an area with the bed and a sofa, bathroom, shower and washing machine, Nothing to complain about here. First thing to switch in the air condition. And then the fridge has to get some stuff.

The supermarked is just 100 meters away. I don’t understand a word here and no English. Google translate helps to see what is in the stuff you want to buy. Some bread, salami, cheese, jam, water and fruit and the next day is covered.

Back home and suddenly the smoke detector starts dripping water in the table. Quite a lot. Put a towel down and wrote to the owner that that can be fixed. No idea where that comes from. Worst thing is the sound . klock… klock… klock…

I will see what happens. Tomorrow I start sightseeing.

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