Time to start planning the details of my trip. As mentioned before, I had to reroute my flights because of the virus situation in China. And I had the right feeling… all SAS flights to mainland China are canceled. I think I got lucky acting early and finding good flights.

I have five different legs on my flight to Osaka. The first flight is the early flight out of Molde, getting me to Oslo with a little bit over an hour overlay (which will be used for breakfast in the lounge) and I will arrive at Frankfurt around 9:50. The overlay there is ca. 10 hours. To much to just stay at the airport, even with a lounge.


My plan is to get into Frankfurt, since I have never been other places than the airport. A good time to get some geocaches and a lunch and I have booked one of the free walking tours in Frankfurt. It will show me a little bit of the city and takes about 2,5 hours. It finishes at 16:30, perfect to get back to the airport and have a little pre-dinner at the lounge (as I am looking forward to the food on the Thai Airways flight. The same route as the last time, just another (newer) plane.

I hope to get a little sleep on this flight. Two nights on planes in a row is my personal record.

This picture is totally stolen from the net ūüôā


Arriving in Bangkok at 14:00 local time (8:00 central European time) I have already organized and planned what to do. Again I have about 10 hours. Immigration should be easy. Then I have to make a beeline to the luggage storage which is close to the Sky Train. 100 Bath for 24 hours. That way I just have a backpack with me (and my camera). Another 140 Bath should be enough for a 24-hour-ticket of the subway system.

To save time, I posted in the local /sell/buy Facebook group if anybody had some Bath from their last holidays. I got a message after a very short time and now I have 900 Bath (ca. 26 ‚ā¨) which will save me about 10 minutes figuring out the ATM, which has a tourist function in English where you have to take out a lot of money – I don’t need that – and a local only in Thai where you get less money, but have to guess the buttons. ūüėÄ

I downloaded a tourist map of central Bangkok to get around the biggest sights. And some Geocaches, too.

All the important places to go to

I also plan on getting back to the airport in time and maybe get one of the complimentary shoulder massage. But what I will need is a shower at the lounge. Last time (also in March) the humidity was terrible. But knowing that I will have some change in my hand luggage. ūüôā

My flight (a red-eye flight) departs at 23:55 local time. Again Thai Airways for 5,25 hours. I might sleep an hour or two, before arriving in Seoul for my last leg of the trip.

Finished preparations

  • Informed the Hotel in Tokyo about my late arrival (due to the “delay” because I had to change my flight – but in fact it would have been 200‚ā¨ more expensive to stay a night less)
  • Ordered a portable WiFi from Japan Wireless, which will give me high speed WiFi for the whole stay and I will get it at the airport an deliver it back in Tokyo.
  • Booked and payed a hotel in Osaka close to the city center and the station with the connection to Kyoto.

Now I have to check out the things to do in Osaka, Kyoto and Tokyo.

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