Finally holidays. I took the day off last minute and started my holidays earlier. Otherwise I would have worked half the day. That is not worth it.

SAS send an SMS that the flight is full and I can check in my hand luggage. But I don’t want that. What I want is no cue at the airport. So I left a little early and take the local bus to the airport. Dropping of a Traven Bug at he Airport TB Hotel and then check in. I am the only one here. Normally you can come 45 minutes before the flight without a problem.

Fast through security control and the whole airport is just for me. Lunch is a sausage in the airport and then my place of choice on the Stressless seats.

My flight today is operated by CityJet with an Irish registered CRJ-900. Like this plane. Long time since I flew on one. Flight is on time and boarding is fast. Flight time is 40 minutes. A sparkling water and a muffin later and we are in Olso.

My luggage tag is working as it should. And for once my bag is the second out of the machine. So perfect timing to fetch the shuttle bus to the hotel. 80 kroners poorer, but time saved and drop off at the entrance. Worth it and it is holidays after all.

My room key is at the VIP tab e in an envelope. So no cue to wait – platinum status in Strawberry for the win! Got upgraded to a Deluxe Room. Nice and Big. Checked out dinner, but they only have buffet for 395 kroner and that is NOT worth it.

Good reason to find my first geocache and take the detour via McDonald’s on the way back to the hotel. 110 kroner dinner. Not quality, but food.

Today’s Challenge cache found

Chilling out on the bed with videos and writing the first day of my travel blog for this holiday. I will try to hold up the one a day streak. Late checkout tomorrow. My flight leaves at 15:40.

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