Day two of my roadtrip. Short night while my body still fights the time zone. Check out at 7 and on the road again towards Santa Monica. The first part of the tour is quiet boring. A lot of farms, industry and not close to the coast which is the main attraction. I kill some time with geocaching. Just be careful not to step over the line into military areas. Not worth to be shot.

Stop in Santa Barbara. A small coastal town with some tourism. Fine parking spot on the wooden pier that goes out tto the ocean. Some restaurants and gift shops. A small tour to the close by tourist information helps to get an overview. The have an old ttown center with some historical buildings. The architecure has some spanish/latin flair. Destination is the courthouse that is open to the public and yu can climb a small tower where you have a view over the whole city.

Taking the 50 ct shuttle back to the pier after some franchise chinese food went into my stomach. I have to drive some more miles, even if the weaher says “Stay where you are and enjoy the sun!”.

The rest of the way has moe the charme off a highway (Ok, it IS sn highway). Passing bigger towns, some beaches and driving through Malibu. Everything I had in my mind from television/films is wrong. most of it are houses close to the highway on one side and water/beach on the other side. Nice er something different. The nice houses are more uphill – with a nice view. But I do not go there. No need to look s private homes. Nice beaches they do have – and stiff parking prices. Short stop on the side of the highway to take some photos of the typical lifeguard stations.

Before checking in, I want to return my car. Bad idea to return it at LAX. First yu have to get through the traffic in LA (and I did not cose he I-10). Then you have to find a gas station to refuel the car – gasoline is so cheap in the US. The easy thing should be to return the car – or so i thought. Follow the signs – nd end up at the terminals with no escape. Turning arround twice, then I hd a police patrol beside me. Window down nd pleading for an escape route. Got it. Just find the SIXT retur… After some more miles and the nice, bad announcer of the google maps to service I get there.

Shuttle bus to the airport, shuttle from the airport to the public transport transit and then the BigBlue bus to Santa Monica. $1,25. Cheap compared to the $18 shuttle that would have stopped a every hotel on the way. Takes some time, but getting ther.

The hostel is an easy find. Seems to be an old factory(?). Nice, clean rooms, friendly reception. All imclusive like towel, linnen etc. Perfect location 1 street from the shopping street and 2 street from the beach promenade.

After unpacking, I took a tour to get an first imoression of the surrroundings. Crowded on the pier that has some food, souveniers and a tivoli. A little bit scared for my purse in the crowd. Afterwards a short walk to the third street promenade. The usul shops. Known brands and franchises. Ok, but nothing specil. Found some food and heded back to the hostel.

Two roommates. One from Oman, one from Germany lead to som talk about trveling and work and in the end about the terrible happenings in Brussels. Hitting the hay at 2 in the morning. Early up o get on my Hollywood tour.

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