9.8.2022 – Calgary and around

Today I am on a geocaching tour. Breakfast again at the hotel. Same food.

Kyle gets me at 9:30. The plan is to go hardcore caching the whole day. I found a cluster of Letterbox caches that I need. Kyle has some caches on the way that we can do.

First I get to find an FTF that he put out. I don’t take the shortcut to get the solution. I do it myself. And an FTF in another country is nice to have.

It is a long drive this day. There are caches everywhere. A gadget cache series about the three little pigs is worth some favorite points.

A lot of good caching and good company. I think if Kyle had left me out there I would never have gotten back to the city and might be eaten by wild animals. But we get a lot of caching done.

And if you can drive to a cache, you drive… even when it is down a dirt road… road might be a little bit optimistic maybe… ūüėÄ But we managed. Fantastic view on top of it all.

The car and the view

But not only a lot of letterbox caches. At the end of the day, Kyle got the notification that there is one more new cache that nobody has found yet. It is close to the Stampede grounds and with torches and some patience we finally found it (some meters of the coordinates). Great conclusion of a caching day!

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