Wednesday, April 18 2018

Finally on my way home. The wake up call was much to early, but after the chaos yesterday I want to get to my own flat and bed. Norwegian flight to Molde at 8:20. Nothing special about it, just had to repack my luggage (they allow 3 kg less than SAS and I had to much for them, but nobody checks the weight of carry on luggage^^).

In Molde I even caught a bus that drove me close to home and I saved the money for a taxi. Just throwing my stuff into the living room, changing clothes and off to work – just 3 hours late.


This have been relaxing, stressing, interesting and exiting 3 weeks at the same time. Business travel is worth to points (the money if I had it^^) and a very relaxing way to travel. That said it is not the best way to travel as I did – trying to get as many stops as possible. But it was part of my experience and I tried new airlines, stepped into new countries, found geocaches, got stamps in my passport (shame on you New Zealand for being to modern^^) and got a superb impression of New Zealand.

The country is to big to have seen all that i worth seeing, but what I have seen makes me want to come back (especially to the South island) and explore more. The Kiwis are kind and friendly people, i didn’t have one bad experience or grumpy person. Even traveling alone was OK, one might get other impressions traveling with others but this time I was totally independent and could do, whatever I liked to do. But I think it will be no more shared rooms in the future. Single rooms it is and I got a very good impression of AirBnB (with the option to have the whole place for myself). AVIS car rental was great and I liked the Toyota a lot.

Even the problems with the missed flight – as much pain in the ass as it was – was part of the experience. And not forgetting my perfect 40th birthday far away from home.

Next trip will be a weekend with my best friend to Bergen 2 days after I am back, and a long weekend in Kiev and Chernobyl in May. Reports will be posted her. I might also get updates on other stuff and my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading and being with me in a way!

Next big trip will be next year (thinking about Seattle/Portland/Calgary).

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