Monday, April 16 2018

Next leg on my way home. After a few hours in the lounge at Singapore Airport it is time for boarding my next flight (departure 23:20 local time). This was a long day and I am looking forward to dinner and some sleep. Boarding of the Boeing 777-300ER is fast. Business class is fully booked. Drinks are served quickly and I go for a fresh lemonade. Very nice. Alcohol would be bad now. There are cooks on board. Real cooks with the right outfit and everything.

I got a menu and a card to fill out for breakfast – you can chose what you want to eat for breakfast. That is great. unfortunately there are no Turkish dishes  on the menu (neither dinner nor breakfast). I chose to hop over the starter and take the pasta dish for dinner. But I never got to taste it.

I was so tired, that I prepared my seat for sleeping after take off with the help of the staff. What I shouldn’t have done is lying down. I fell asleep very quickly and never got to try the dinner. So no review from me here. I managed to sleep (not deep sleep but deep enough) until 3 hours before landing. I get a snack from the snack bar and a drink. Then brushing my teeth to get rid of the bad taste. Enough time to start a video now.

Breakfast is served 2 hours before landing and is very tasty. I liked it more than on Singapore Airlines. Landing in Istanbul on time. Next flight to Vienna is in 100 minutes. They only have one security check for travelers who transfer in Istanbul. So we get quiet a long queue. I manage of course to forget my purse at the security check point. But I discover it fast and can retrieve it 5 minutes later.

The lounge is in the opposite way of where I have to go, so I go directly to the gate for my connecting flight. A very chaotic airport. The WiFi is not working and roaming is not possible (just to expensive). Interesting to see people who never used a plane before as it seems. Comming late, gate closed and they sit down waiting for the next flight?! Not how it works. 🙂

This time it is a bus transport from the gate to the plane. An Airbus 320-200 is waiting for us. Business class has real business class seats in a 2-2 configuration and they are very comfy. SAS could learn from that… As soon as everyone is seated, we get an offer of drinks (the lemonade again – great stuff). The menus are distributed. Looking great. Getting a second breakfast with some Turkish choices.

The breakfast was great and tasty, nice with a glass of champagne. The flight is over soon and we are landing at the airport in Vienna, just 2 minutes behind the time.

I wasn’t prepared for what happened next… (Cliffhanger! :D)


PS: Pictures to be included after my return to Norway

One thought on “New Zealand – Day 23 – Singapore to Istanbul to Vienna”

  1. @IST Airport

    As I discovered in Feburary there is a second security checkpoint for transfer passengers arriving from outside EU (EU arrivals don’t need to clear security again) further down the tunnel. But ist seems to be open only during the busy morning peak of international arrivals. But the queue there ist’n any shorter. I have seen a “cattle manager” wheeling up und down on a segway between the checkpoints as his job oviously was to ensure both queues are equally long. Short-transfer passengers were collected by staff from the queues and bypassed them, which again increased waiting times for the rest.

    To sum it up: Time for the new Airport.

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