Today my holiday is starting. After packing on Saturday and getting a little bit annoyed over my big DSLR I was ready to go on 3 1/2 weeks of travel.

My first flight takes me to Oslo, where I will stay one night and tomorrow I will continue for the big trip. Why one extra night in Oslo? Because I am paranoid when it comes to catching my flight. ūüėÄ I had to book my flight to and from Oslo separate from my bonustour because of the maximum number of legs I can fly. Any delay that might endanger me reaching my first leg had to be eliminated. SO I stay one night at Thon Hotell Gardemoen again.

Check-In¬†went smoothly and I didn’t get picked at the security control (which I normally am) and all my cables, and camera and stuff was just ignored. Saved some time there.

LN-TUM - my flight to Oslo
LN-TUM – my flight to Oslo

Flight in Eco+with a lot of room because it was not fully booked. 45 minutes flight left enough time to get a snack and a coffee and then we were on the ground again. Just getting my luggage and then give money to the robbers of the bus company. 7 Euro one way to the hotel.

Snack onboard
Snack onboard

Dinner at the golden arches a small walk away from the hotel. On the way I even found two geocaches. I am so looking forward to the promised 23 degree in New Zealand. I don’t want to see any more snow when I get back.

My hotel room in Oslo
My hotel room in Oslo

Tomorrow I will get a nice breakfast and then head of to start the big trip. Good night folks!

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