Last day of my stay in Marrakesh. There are no big plans for the day. I have organized an geocaching event (Meet and Greet) today at the close McDonald’s today at 12:00. Looking forward to meet some geocachers and have a good time.

The morning is just laying in bed as long as possible, get some breakfast (I still love that orange juice) and then prepare to hit the road. The McDonald’s is only 5 minutes walk away and as allways I am early. This time about 30 minutes because one participant could only come a little bit early. It is a beautiful, sunny and quiet warm day. perfect to sit outside, drink a cold diet coke and relax a little bit from the full program I had the days before.

The Meet and Greet went very well. One woman from Germany, a couple from Sweden, a couple from Australia and a woman from Canada. Very international. We had a great time. All getting a McFlurry, exchanging stories from our travels and geocaching, I got some Travel Bugs on the way and got a gift for a new TB (thanks to Karen from Canada). After we were finished Karen and I decided to do some more geocaching in the city because we both had a few open caches around.

Meet and Greet in Marrakesh
Meet and Greet in Marrakesh

We went for quiet a walk. First from the Place 16 Novembre to the Rue Ibn Aïcha, then to the area of the Jardin Majorelle (3,4 km). We decided to take a tour of the Garden (Link) and the Berber museum (Link). A beautiful garden which was a nice cool-down in the warmth of the day, and the Museum was very interesting. Didn’t have to much time to watch all inside, but the combo ticket is highly recommended.

Jardin Majorelle - Blue house
Jardin Majorelle – Blue house
Cacti at the Jardin Majorelle - Please take a seat
Cacti at the Jardin Majorelle – Please take a seat

After that back to the starting point and we went our own way. Got the invitation to tell when I am in Canada close to where she lives, that there will be an event for me with local cachers. I will definitely make that call in 2019 when I am planning to go to Canada.

Me at the Jardin Majorelle
Me at the Jardin Majorelle

Back to the hotel to take a small break. Then I had to pack my stuff for my tour back the next day. Time flies by. The evening concludes with a meal in a close by restaurant (not the best meal I had on this tour) watching the people getting active in the evening.

Dawn from my hotelroom
Dawn from my hotelroom

Tomorrow i have to go back to Norway.


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