Today I have to catch my flight to Marrakesh. The night was cold. Some issue with the AC? Breakfast is simple but enough for me. Checkout and waiting for the bus to take me to the terminal. -2 C outside… brrrr. Looking forward to have some sun.

Fast check in, security control no problem and into the international terminal. 2 hours to kill, so I have to get some food and drinks for my 5 hour flight – Norwegian doesn’t serve complimentary things. Filling up my water bottles at the fountain, some sweet buns and some chocolate and I am ready to enter the outside Schengen area. Fast passport control and I like that they expand the terminal F for more outside EU flights. New Restaurants and Cafes.

The gate changes 4 times while waiting and we end up at bus-gate F28. Lots of people here. This is a full flight. The bus to the normal B737-800 Norwegian Air Shuttle uses. 8F is my seat and I get comfortable for the flight.

Before leaving I downloaded and bought some films on my tablet. No entertainment system provided. DIY fix and I have my own screen, Bose headset and we can start.

No thing special on the flight. Nice view over Spain and then we cross the street of Gibraltar to Africa. My first time on that continent. Landing i about an hour.

Down on the ground I try to be fast at the immigration point.  But you have to fill out a form and then cue up with all the other flights. Takes some time before I get the entry stamp in my passport. Now the luggage… the belt is full, everybody is waiting for the passport control and the bags can’t keep coming. Another guy and I reorganize the belt to get mot luggage and after 15 minutes I have my bag. Last security check before I am out in the entrance hall.

My driver is waiting with 50 others outside the entrance with a sign and my name on it. Great. This works. 24 Euros return instead of haggling with the Taxi drivers. Big black Multivan for myself. Short trip later I am at the hotel.

Metal detector at the entrance but the guard does not care. Check in. Room 510, 5th floor. Bellboy takes my luggage up. Room small but totally OK. Simple but that is what I payed for. Bathromm clean (important), small balcony.

Out to get some money and then buy a SIM card for internet. Tha ATM does not like me or my card. Rejected. Tried twice, then it hits me. A fast call to Norway – I forgot to allow the use of my card in Africa. The guy on the hotline fixes the problem and I can go shopping. 6 GB for 7 Euros. Nice. Some water at the supermarket and then I try to find some food. Tripadvisor has one place, but maybe I find something before that.

Not a chance. Football in all restaurants (Morocco vs. Côte d’Ivoire) – World Cup qualification. I go to the restaurant I found online and they don’t have a TV an no people there. 🙂 Couscous with seven vegetables, chicken, some olives and fresh bread, fresh lemon juice and water – 9 Euro. Ad good and filling. While sitting there Morocco qualifies for the championship. First time since 1988(?). The cook of my restaurant and the restaurant beside hug and congratulate each other and then you hear the honking cars…

On my way back I find the biggest celebration I remember The main roundabout is full of people, light motorbikes and nobody can go anywhere. Dancing, singing, honking. People on light poles, on buses, on top of cars, flags everywhere. Mostly young people,  but also families. The police manages to let buses and ambulances pass, but that is it. Nice vibe.

Look, Norway, you could have celebrated, too but you don’t win in football. 😛

Home at the hotel I go to bed. Early up to get to the guided tour tomorrow.

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