After a day at work it was time to take my luggage to the airport. Nice to have all your stuff at the office. Not motivated? Take a look at the luggage.

Took the bus to the airport. Cold and windy in Norway. No coat, no umbrella – I will not need it in Marrakesh (or so I hope). The airport is filled with people. Two planes were canceled before and the people are waiting to get on the next flight, or to get the bus to Kristiansund.

The boarding is more chaos than normal. All the people with new, not working tickets hold up the line. Priority boarding? Forget it! ūüėÄ A lump of people in the automatic gates. The plane will not leave without you.

By accident (I forgot to cancel the upgrade request) I end up in Economy Plus. Waste of money on this short trip. It started snowing. Nothing special on the flight. I think the Swiss left to me didn’t like the normal shaking of a take-off in Molde. A lot of wind and you can see the snow outside the plane window.

Nice refitted plane with the new interior from SAS. Like it. A snack and a drink and we land at Oslo Gardermoen airport. My try to enter the lounge on arrival fails – but one has to try. So it is just collecting the luggage and find something to eat. My hotel for the night offers only breakfast. Pizza it is. Then just buy the bus company – I mean a bus ticket to the hotel and back. Courtesy busses like in the US would be very nice. 140 NOK gone.

At the hotel (Thon Hotel Gardermoen) fast check in. I offered a sweet roll instead of my VISA card, which was kindly rejected. ūüėõ But the price is OK. 530 NOK for the night is very cheap for Norway. Competition at the airport? Good for me as traveler.

The evening ends with some work for my “exam”, blogging and some videos. I have to remember that the bus to the airport leaves only twice an hour tomorrow. So early up to get breakfast. Plane leaves at 12 and I have to get through passport control.

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