Happy New Year 2018!!

As I start this year of traveling and geocaching I think I have to make some New Years resolutions for my small blog that I can follow. This is a blog, that is mostly like a travel diary for myself. To remember what I did and maybe to share it with a few people (family, close friends) who are interested. But I recently found out that I have one very dedicated reader – which makes me extremely happy , thank you so much 🙂 – so it is not good to continue as I did until now. Updates from travels should not wait until three month after I came back. So my goal for this year is to publish close to the event and maybe write a little bit more about smaller things, too.

First thing to do is to conclude my travel blog from Hong Kong and Marrakesh until the end of this week. There will also be an update on planned journeys this year and an update on Geocaching planes for 2018. Less than three month to my big trip – looking forward to it.

Maybe I should think about my own little logo for the blog, my Instagram and YouTube channel… maybe. 🙂


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