Pick up at the hostel at 7 am. Small bus with 10 people. Starting to Sedona. Our driver Bruce tells us a lot about Arizona, the nature, the landscape. To much to repeat everything. But it is impressive.

We will climb up to 2700 meters at the Grand Canyon. Can not wait to see it. First stop after 90 minues is Sedona in the Red Rock Canyon. Nothing like I have seen before. Invites to hike short and long tours and the nature and rock formations are amazing. Sedona is a small town (wih a lot of rich people living there). Very touristy. Shops with stuff everywhere and a good deal of tour operators for day trips or longer tours. Early in the morning it is quiet. We are getting sandwiches on the tour which are included in the price. Very nice. Freshly baked bread… yummy.

And on we go to Grand Canyon national park. Close to the park entry we hit a traffic jam of about 2 miles. Many who want to visit the park. Bruce knows a trick and buys tickets for tha park at the IMAX cinema. After 1 mile he takes a swing into a roud for maintainance cars, passing the whole line of waiting cars into the park. 🙂 4 of our group opted for the helicopter ride. Next time I have to think abou that, but it is expensive. We get to the village at the southern rim of the canyon. Lots of tourists here but om my god, how amazing is the canyon. You can not describe it in words and pictures only tell half the truth. Gigantic.

We have 90 minutes to explore and take pictures. You can take a hike down, but it is 10 miles to the bottom and you have to climb it all up again. Two day trip… After the pickup, Bruce drives us on a 25 mile route along the rim, stopping at different points to make more photos. I do not like the elevation. Going fast makes me feel like an old steam enging… huffing and puffing. Never been this high up. Makes me think aabout my trip to Peru which will be even higher…

Leaving the park back to Phoenix. Nature is changeing all the time. Depending on altitude and climate sone (we cross a few different ones). A small stopp at an indian trading post. Getting myself a souvenier for my wall at home. A indian talking stick. Designed and made by native americans (would not buy china crap). Only the person who had the stick in his hnd at a meeting was allowed/is allowed to speak. Some people could use this. 🙂

After. a long drive we arrive in Phoenix. 850 km tour, 13 hours. I like my bed. Tomorrow will be a more relaxed day.

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