The last day of my trip – I have to work tomorrow.

The alarm went off at 2 am… Do I have to say more. The plane left at 4:40 am so I had to be at the airport around 3 am. The hotel offers a small breakfeast (bread and cheese/jam, coffee) for the poor souls that have to leave early in the morning. Luckyly I still had my car (which I was told I could leave at the airport in the night without being charged for an extra day). Everybody who doesn’t have a car or doesn’t want to pay a taxi has to take the airport bus. Which means everybody arrives at the airport at the same time (which is a small airport) – so waiting in line will be imminent. Got there 15 minutes before the masses.

It is daylight outside – we are still in the period of midnight sun that far north, it helps a little with the urge to lie down on the floor and snore away…

After a boarding with obstacles (not working computers) we were on our way to Oslo on a very quiet flight. Everybody was sleeping. Landing in Oslo 7:50 and next flight home at 15:50…

If you want to buy Tax Free you have to do it in Longyearbyen. Even arriving international doesn’t open for shopping anything at the Tax Free in OSL – just remember that!

Most of the time at OSL is spend in the SAS lounge (thank you SAS Eurobonus Silver) reading, updating my homepage, listening to audiobooks. It is a long time… but that is what you get for getting a nearly free flight.

Arriving i Molde 5 pm and a relaxing evening (some grocery shopping) before I conclude this trip. It will be some more work to get the homepage up to date and to upload some pictures (first get them on the PC)…

Looking forward to the next chance to travel where no German Moose has gone before. 🙂


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