No big plans for the day. I am staying in bed a little bit longer and then – after a shower and breakfast – I am on my way to Casa de Musica. But this time the bus stop. I want to find Geocaches today and start at the Forte de São Francisco Xaviar. But the bus leaves me as I arrive at the bus stop.

It should not be a problem, the next bus should be there in 20 minutes. Or so I thought. I have to wait a little bit over 30 minutes for the next bus. And the bus driver only stops because old ladies nearly are nearly jumping in front of him to make him stop. Typical local driving style.

But in the end I get to my goal. The fortress is not big. There is an entrance fee of 50 ct to visit the “museum” (which is one room with some weapons and the only interesting thing is the Geocache box there for me) and you can get on top and have a bit of a view along the coast. The mandatory old canons are also there.

Let’s do a walk along the beach Praia de Matosinhos. A long walk along the Atlantic shore. Walking on sand uses energy and you collect sand for your own beach in your shoes. Along the beach are a lot of surf schools and many people learn to ride the waves – first on land and then in the water. Quite a lot of people are doing this. And a lot of children in groups from school/kindergarten are at the beach.

Praia de Matosinhos – I walked the whole way

The weather is cloudy and around 23 degrees. Much more acceptable than yesterday, but very humid. And the sun has power behind the clouds.

My geocache at the end of the beach is gone, and so is the next one. Half an hour sitting on a bench in the park and then visiting the local administration building for sanitary needs. Had a brioche croissant from Lidl and some water.

The next two geocaches are found in place. Not very close together but in walking distance. The next is gone again and that is it – I want to go back to Porto (Matosinhos is the neighbouring municipality). On the way I find the Igreja Paroquial do Senhor Bom Jesus (what a name). A big church and an easy multi geocache. I solve it and then find an old man pissing on the spot where the box should be – beside the church. Someone wants to mess with me today. I contact the owner and since I solved the cache I can log anyways.

Igreja Paroquial do Senhor Bom Jesus

I take the Metro close by and just do a city tour by train. Something I like to do when I am tired of walking. Hop on some public transport and see where it takes me – of course here I know where I am going. The line is mostly above ground, with the exception of Porto city center.

I go all the way to the other end of the line and end up at the Estádio do Dragão – the home of FC Porto if somebody cares about football – I don’t. 😀 There is an Adventure lab here that I want to solve, but first I take a look at the Shopping center close by. What should I say? A shopping center is a shopping center. Nothing special, nothing of interest. So just in and out again.

The Adventure lab is only in Portuguese. What would one do without Google translate. Solved after rounding 2/3 of the stadium.

Back to the city with the next metro as long as my ticket still is valid. Leaving the train at Bolhão and walk over the market there. Mercado de Bolhão is a big building with stalls inside. Half of it I would define as tourist oriented (expensive chocolate etc.), you can buy nuts, spices, dried mushrooms and a bigger area with cheese, fruits, vegetables and flowers. I buy a mixed fruit portion as a snack and continue to São Bento station once more, because there is another Adventure lab there.

One thing is different – there are people everywhere, wearing flags from all around the world and they hav T-shirts and “passports” around their neck. The 1. August is World Youth Day in Lisboa where all the catholic youth from around the world get together. No comment to that, but they seem to have different programs before that and the city is flooded with those people.

Cache finished and a quick tour to the ticket office to buy a new tourist day ticket for tomorrow. 7 Euro for 1 day, 15 for 3 days and all zones included are much better, than the normal day pass! Thinking about my plans for tomorrow now, it might have been a mistake to buy it.

I still have 50 minutes on my ticket so onto the line D to Marquês and then one of the Bolt e-scooters towards home. Traffic in Porto is chaotic. I shouted at several people in Norwegian because they park on the bicycle lane or stand on it – the only thing that keeps you alive – not sharing the same space as cars. 😀

Dinner will be German sausages and baguettes with a dessert of watermelon. Sounds not too fancy. Looking forward to maybe better food on my next part of the holidays.

Checking out my plans for tomorrow and it seems like I need the alarm again. I walked 23000 steps today. More than yesterday and again I thought I would have a quieter day… :/

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