After a good nights sleep out on the streets before some hordes of tourists arrive. Beautiful day, the sun is shining and I had no breakfeast – because it’s not included in the hotel… 🙂

First poor student groups at the Golden gate – I remember this school trips. All the stuff you first start to like at an older age.

The old houses are beautiful, even with the many crappy shops selling things you don’t need made in China. Ilikethe old towns, broad streets, marked places. Take some swings left and right to the smaller streets. not as renovated but interesting.

And after I got the tip of a guy from Poland in Berlin I decided to take a boat ride to Westerplatte. 10 € is not much for 2 hoursof tour. First boat of the day – empty. A lot of history.

Walking the streets after the tour, getting some food, taking some pictures. Small break atthe hotel (getting rid of the heavy camera) and a small trip to a big shopping mall – just watching.

And then Igot on the wrong tram back to twon and ended up in a place without anythingg. I should have checked the map better. But this way you see the parts of the city not normalyvisited by tourists.

Conluding the day at the cinema (Avengers) anda bad meal at the big yellow M. 🙂

More to see tomorrow.


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