I am crazy again. But that is how I am normally.

When I come back from a trip with the family to Paris next March/April it is a Thursday, but why go home if you can have another three days of holidays. So after my flight back to Oslo on the 4th of April, I booked my flight home to Molde for Sunday, 7th.

I had the possibility to just stay in Oslo for three nights, but I have done that several times before. I need something new. I have to make use of the opportunity being at a big airport.

But where to go? Google flights was the help to get inspiration. Not much difference on the prices (at the moment). A place where I have not been before. That would take to much time, but there is a place that I have been to in 1996 at my last year in school.

Ireland – or to be more precise – Dublin. There a several reasons for this. First it is said to be a great city (I don’t remember much from the trip) and second (and maybe third) it is a new country for Geocaching.

That said there is a very special cache close to Dublin (about 90 minutes by train) – GC43 – Europe’s first ever Geocache and a place a serious cacher has to go to.

Dublin is an extremely expensive city. I had to dig deep in the net to find a hotel chain that has good hotels and is central in the city and does not cost a fortune. Premiere Inn was the solution. 88 Euro for one night (still have to find a flight) but that is less than what I would have payed in Oslo.

My flight is at 10:55 from Oslo, arriving at 12:15 local time in Dublin. That gives me the day to get to the cache and do some other stuff. I bought a “SAS light” ticket. Only a small backpack. But what do i need for one night? Some washing stuff, a change of underwear, camera, phone, GPS and an pen. 🙂

Back the day after at 18:40 local time, arriving in Oslo 21:55. That gives me a good day to explore the city and the main sights.

Another crazy thing I do. 🙂 Looking very much forward for it.

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