Up to get breakfast – which was a mistake. I mean, the hotel was a mistake. To shorten the narration: the worst breakfast ever. I felt like in a institution, no effort… go to Tripadvisor and read my review. ūüėÄ

The hotel is (despite its name) NOT at the airport. I knew that, but It was a 3 km walk with luggage after a bad start in the day. Whatever. Lets get home.

The airport is not to crowded, nut it seems like traffic is coming back. Fast Security control and then I just had to wait for my first of three(!) legs home.

Thanks to booking a bonus ticket, I got the scenic route. Trondheim – Stavanger (SAS), Stavanger – Bergen (WIDER√ėE) and Bergen – Molde (WIDER√ėE). But since I like flying, no complaint.

A little hour after takeoff we land in Stavanger. Here I just had to change planes to take the 25 minutes flight to Bergen. Everything is smooth. I got some buns for a snack and something to drink an meet up at the gate as the sign flashes “Go to gate”.

Flight to Bergen

Waiting for boarding, the operator starts an announcement: “The flight is overbooked, we need someone to stay until tomorrow morning. We will pay your taxi back home if you live in Bergen or book you a hotel at the airport. In addition you will get 250 Euro compensation.” I took a look around, nobody was getting active. I knew that the early flight will get me to Molde at 8:35. Since I can start work until 9 (or later – we are not that strict) I made a beeline to the gate and said “I will stay”.

Perfect. To sum it up: I had to wait until everybody was onboard. There was no no-show. I got booked a hotel (Scandic Airport), I got two vouchers for the airport (valid the same day) of 8 Euro each (which I used for some drinks and fruit and snacks) and a voucher of 15 Euro for dinner at the hotel.

The hotel was very nice. I even got an upgrade to a room with a balcony (just joke friendly about getting a sweet – not possible, but I can give you…). Dinner was at the pizza restaurant in the hotel. Nice Pizza, not so good dessert but hey… I only paid 10 Euro out of my own pocket. Great bed and a good night sleep.

Since the flight was leaving early I got the early bird breakfast – but nearly everything was already on the buffet. Perfect, but not that hungry. A short walk to the airport (I left my luggage overnight for transfer) and the plane left on time and landed in Molde on time. Of course the bus service is crappy as always, but with 250 Euro from the airline (which I got on my account 3 days later) I took a taxi (Tesla) to work (what an entrance^^).

An interesting conclusion of this trip. Just two weeks to my next one.

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