Our last day in Stockholm and everybody is doing their own program again. After the family breakfast at 9 we spilt up. My plan today is to go to Fotografiska museum on Södermalm. Best and fastest way there is to take an e-scooter and zoom through the city.

Entrance i 26 Euros, which means I managed to hit the perfect and most expensive time for entry, since they change prices by date and time. Very popular at the moment. A ferry from Finland and an AIDA cruise ship had arrived and people like to watch at photos.

Interesting exhibition of 4 or five different photographers. One is Andy Warhol. Staying about 90 minutes before I leave and take a little geocaching round by e-scooter. My favorite medium distance travel option.

Passing Gamla Stan to Riddaholmen. Very nice area, not to many tourists here, even if it is close to Gamla Stan, not everybody goes this way. Beautiful view on Stadshuset and Lake Mälaren. After are round with pictures and Geocaches I continue my ride towards Vastastan in the north.

Following Drottninggatan from Hötorget towards the city library on the route of some caches along the way. Some finds and after a short stop to get a snack I spontaneously decide to visit Hagaparken. After many times in Stockholm I have never been there. Unbelievable.

It is only a short bus ride from the city library. Again I explore by following an Adventure lab geocache. Unfortunately, the castle is of limits, since the crown princess lives there with her family. So big fence and no photos. But some other buildings that are interesting. Beautiful location with a big grass area that descends down to the lake, giving a great view. Especially in the summer this must be a great sport for a picnic. A little bit cold for that now. Feeling my feet I only do the short round (which feels long enough) and after completing the caches in the areal I go back to the bus stop.

Next bus takes me four stops to Kaorlinska hospital. I want to go back to the hotel and the fastest way i a straight line with an e-scooter. Seeing a pattern here? 🙂 After some time at the hotel (beginning to pack some stuff) it is time to walk to Vete-Katten Cafe once more, where my parents already are waiting and the other two arriving only minutes after me. Great cake as before. The others have been on Djurgården and Sigtuna (my parents got lost in Stockholm Central station – not judging here :D).

My father and brother want to get the car from the out of center parking lot to the hotel to pack all the stuff. Easier that way. First I get messages from my brother that we got 2(!) tickets for parking without paying. Which is total BS since I have used the app to pay. It feels more lie “we try to get money out of the German tourists”. With the information I got I immediately write a mail to the city of Stockholm who gave the tickets, including screenshots of the app with the ongoing payment, the location (that we ticket and parking lot are the same), a screenshot of the payment from my bank account at a nice text where I demand removal of those claims. (Update 25.04.2022 – The city of Stockholm apologized in a mail and said they made a “mistake” and that every claim is removed – nice try).

Back to the hotel and after packing stuff into the car and paying 50(!) Euros for a spot in the hotels garage (which is much easier than navigating the city which is full of construction works – my father and brother did an involuntary city tour on the way back) we finally meet up for dinner.

We have no real plans, just that we are not willing to go far. So we have a pizzeria that seems to have good reviews just over the bridge close to the hotel. A walk we still can manage. Since two of us have forgotten their tickets, we don’t have an option other than walking (again not judging :D).

The restaurant however is closed over Easter as it seems, so we walk into the next street and find a small neighborhood pizza place. A good choice. Friendly service, great pizza – that was a good second choice.

Back at the hotel, we had to complete our started game of Romme at the table in the lobby. For once I won the game! Nearly midnight when we leave for the last night in the hotel.

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