At brakfast (9 am as always) my parents come up with the idea to use the great weather outside to make a bus trip to Vaxholm and take the boat back to Stockholm. Everybody is in on it.

With the help of Google maps (which is a great tool for a lot of things) I find the best connection. We have to take the Red line from the hotel to Danderyd sjukehus and then the bus to Vaxholm. Our hotel is directly above T-Centralen which means we have access to all underground lines in Stockholm.

It is a little bit of underground walking to get to the right platform and the underground is a little late. When we get out at Danderyd sjukehus, the bus is already pulling in, but a fast walk and we are sitting in the bus and are on our way to Vaxholm.

The whole journey from hotel to Vaxholm takes under an hour and is included in our ticket. Something I have to recommend. Buy a SL ticket and calculate what is the best for you. 7 Days is 430 SEK (about 43 EUR) and you can travel from Nordtälje to Södertälje and all in-between. Great value for money. A single ticket costs 39 SEK. So not many tours you have to take.

Vaxholm is not as packed as I thought it might be on a public holiday. But no complaints. We do a beautiful walk through the streets (take your time to do that when you are here). Unfortunately the Vaxholms Hembygdsgårds Café (which is amazing) does not open until the end of April. So we can just dream about the cake buffet they offer.

Back to the harbor and a break on the benches in the sun. And when the sun is shining, you need some ice cream. So we all get a big soft ice with chocolate sauce. Yummy.

After that a little bit of exploring the area with all the nice villas but we have already walked a lot today. So looking at the schedule for the boats it is the perfect time to get back to Stockholm.

The boats can be packed especially on holidays, but today we are lucky. A small boat, few people and few stops on our way to Stockholm. The Archipelago is a must when visiting Stockholm, so plan a day on the water and on one of the islands when you visit.

And because you never should change a winning team, we head to Vete-Katten again. More cakes to taste. It is a great place.

Back to the hotel. We are trying to get some ideas for a place to have dinner from the reception. But all the places recommended are in the upper range of pricing. So not many discussions and a tour across the street to Jensens Bøffhus. This is not a culinary highlight, but a place where you can get Ok food to an Ok price. It is enough for us.

This also concludes the evening. Tomorrow is our last whole day in Stockholm.

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