As every day we start with a breakfast at 9 am. Today everybody is doing their own thing.

I have been in Stockholm many times, but I always wanted to have a tour of the Woodland Cemetery (Skogskyrkogården). Sounds stupid, but it is a UNESCO World Heritage site and I have been here when I started my studies at the Royal Institute of Technology in 2002, but I don’t remember a thing.

So taking the green line south to the cemetery. Station is named after it, so no chance to miss it. Of course it has to rain today – or a least it is gray and wet. I would have preferred a sunny day on this tour.

Best way to explore is doing the Adventure Lab Geocache I found. It will lead me to the main “attraction” of the cemetery. Buildings designed by two architects in the early 1920s. And of course the whole area is like a park, where people can go for a walk. It is quite nice.

Of course I made a calculation mistake and end up on the wrong side of the cemetery for the bonus cache. But there is a bus operating the area on 5(!) days during the year. And tomorrow is long Friday and it the bus goes every hour to the subway station (where I have to go). 12 minutes waiting and I don’t have to walk 3 kilometers back.

Next stop is purely geocaching related. I am trying to get every municipality in the Stockholm county. Nacka is a missing one. Leaving the subway at Slussen I hop into the next bus towards Nacka Forum. Nothing special there. It is just a shopping mall that conveniently has a bus stop an a geocache. I do a stroll through the mall, but as I said, nothing special.

Next municipality I am missing is Lidingö. That means bus back to Slussen, Red line to Ropsten and change to the light railway to Lidingö. Again the only thing important is the combination bus stop and geocache. After that is done and the municipality is in the box, I get an SMS from my parents that they already are at the Cafe Vete-Katten, where we want to meet.

Tram back to Ropsten and then a bus directly to Hötorget. Only a short walk to get some nice cake and juice.

Some shopping after that and meeting at the hotel to get some food. We have no idea where to go, so we just take my advice to go to Södermalm and walk the streets to find a restaurant. That is easier said than done.

A lot of places, but not everybody likes every food or some places are just expensive. On our way to Medborgerplassen we pass a pub with a menu outside. The pub has the name “Honey Honey” and seems like a place where wou can watch soccer on TV. It also looks quite full there. The doorguard asks if we want to eat and we are open for it since the menu looked Ok. We got a table in a corner. We get home made meatballs (Swedish style) with mashed potatoes, lingonberry, gravy and pickles. Very nice. My father got fish and ships and the rest opted for a burger. We were happy with this choice.

Back to the hotel, where we get a liquor and play some more cards in the entrance hall (best pace with chairs and a big enough table). Again a great day.

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