It is noy so long again until my anual longer holiday. This time, as mentioned before, the trip goes to four cities in Canada and the US of A.

First main stop will be the city of Calgary in Alberta, Canada. There I will meet up with Karen who I met on a geocaching event in Marrakesh, Morocco. I took her “If you ever should be in Calgary…” offer literally and she is organising not only an evemt, but a three day tour around the area. Looking very much forward to it.

Second stop is Seatle, Washington, USA. Is was just logical after three days of geocaching and sightseeing in Canada, that should visit the city hosting the international geocaching headquarter. But I was also told, that the city is interesting. I will take my time walkibg the city, see the sights, find som caches and hosting an event. Three full days.

Stop three is the citt if New Orleans, Lousianna, USA. I made the choise to go here. French quarter, creol food, jazz and everythibg else should hold me occupied the three full days. From the far north in Canadas Rocky Mountains to the deep south at the Golf of Mexico. And I think there is a Jazz festival the weekend I am there. Sounds promissing.

Last stop before I unfortunately habe to go back is the windy city – Chicago, Illinoi. Been here before, but maybe some things will be revisited. Otehrwise this is the place to chiøl for four days before my trip back.

All Hostels/AitBnBs are booked, flights are booked. Now it gets soon time to plan what to see at all the places.

I will report on my blog as usual. 🙂

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