Today is a day where I have to get up very early. I have tickets for the Vatican museums. 6 am is not fun when you have holidays. Just pack all the stuff and go around the corner to cactch tram no. 19 to the Vatican. Scouting the area yesterday payed off and I am in the line for the museum in time.

A little bit if a system here. A lot of groups that are going in, we have to wait a little bit but then we get inside, pass teh security check and our tickets and badges for the guided tour. We also have some headphones to get all the information the guide might come up with during the tour.

There was to much to see and tell to repeat it here. But the conclusion is, that a guided tour is worth the money. A lot of information about the Vatican, the art, the buildings, the history. Very informative and picking out highlights of all the exhibits they have on display. And there are LOTS of things to look at.

The tour concludes at the Cappella Sistina. A “holy” place where they elect the new pope when the last has gone out of date. You have to be quiet and no photography. But when would have a hundred people or so inside and children, it is impossible to be quiet. There is a buzz in the room. But when it got to much, a guard went to a microphone and told everybody over speakers to be silent. Being as loud as it could get. Totally stupid.

And the no photo rule… a guard was telling a guy of for taking a picture and I got a shoot out of the hip. ūüėÄ Don’t tell anyone!

I will definitely go to hell for this ūüėÄ

Next standing in cue for the St. Peters cathedral. But the cue was to long so I did the secret tip to go to the German cemetery inside the Vatican. You have to go to the Swiss guard at a special gate and demand to enter the German cemetery in German. Security check, a salute from the guard and soon you are at the cemetery. It is very nice. Lots of flowers and a unique view on the cathedral. Few people here, all speaking German. There is a Geocache here (that is how I found out about the secret entrance).

Back to St. Peters cathedral. So I will do the tour later. Taking an eScooter to the city center. It started raining and I get really wet. I was told to eat ice-cream at Giolitti. Great ice-cream. A great sin after Vatican city. Traveling through the city center I decided that I walked enough (again).

That is what I call an ice-cream ūüôā

Back to the Vatican to tour the cathedral. The cue is there, but shorter than before. Only once around the square. There is good movement in the cue and having a talkative American couple shortens the time. First time in Europe… I won’t make fun of them now. They got out of the US… that is a good start. ūüėÄ

The cathedral is amazing. So much gold, paintings, art. But they take extra money to look at the money. Since I don’t want to support this company more than I have to I only look at the cathedral. The treasure chamber and the climbing up to the top (a new cue) I don’t do.

Back to the hotel and out to a close by restaurant. Not good. First portion of pasta was to salty. Got a fresh one, nut this was to touristy. Some funny English people there that had absolutely no manners.

To bed after a great day.

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