Time to leave Bologna and travel to Rome. Early up and then check out from the hotel. One problem… the hotel took my cache AND charged my card. 204 Euro reserved on the card is 204 Euros I don’t have for the trip since it takes up to a week to get it canceled. Great start.

Since it is not a long way to the station, I can take it easy. But after the experience I had yesterday with full regional trains I am going to change my train from Florence to Rome, too. This will give me a lot more time in Florence and a fast ride to the capital. It is totally worth the 50 Euro extra.

But first I have to find the platform for the high speed train to Florence. Nobody told me that this cozy station has an underground life. And it takes a long time to get to the platform. And a not working elevator. But after a lot of time (remember i f you should go to Bologna – the station is big!) I found the right place. The train arrives short time after. An Italo high speed train.

The train i fully booked and I only got an isle seat, but it is a ride of only 39 minutes through a lot of tunnels. not much to see here. Smooth ride into Florence. Now only one question: What should I do with my luggage to have some time in the city. After some investigation I find the luggage storage. But they would charge me another 20 Euro for my bags, just to have a little bit of time her.

There is an alternative. Visiting the next counter for Trenitalia and try to get an upgrade and earlier ticket for the Frecciarossa train I booked. A very friendly lady helps me. The upgrade i 10 Euros to premium and the train will leave early. So more time in Rome, my destination after all.

A little real Italian snack at McDonald’s and then to the platforms. The conduct a check if you have a ticket to get onto the platforms. But yeah… my train is delayed. In the end it is a 40 minutes delay. Shit happens and I am not in a rush. Still much more time in Rome than I thought I would have had.

This is definitely more comfy that the standard seat. The seats are small, but you got a table. And I got a window. The ride will be 1 hour 35 minutes. I got a free Coke and cookies as part of the premium deal. Not to bad.

At Rome Termini I have to use Google Maps to find the fastest way to the hotel. Not a short walk and the streets are terrible. Cobble stone is the best for the luggage. But in the end I find the hotel fast and of course I am there before the official check in time. This is definitely not a tourist area, but i feels save and the hotel is very modern and clean inside. Seems like they have hotels in many European countries. Have to remember that next time I travel.

Very friendly staff. After 20 minutes wait, my room is ready and I can check in. Rome takes a tax for visitors. Not much, but it is a tax. Anyway, this hotel is half the price of the hotel in Bologna and much nicer. Big and nice room. Perfect for the time I will stay her.

But there is a lot of the day left. Since I love e-scooters on holidays and they have a lot of them here, it is the choice I take and of I go towards the Colosseum. But using an e-scooter on cobbled stone is not fun at all. Concussion next. 🙂 There are a lot of people at the Colosseum. And when I say a lot I mean hordes of tourists. And all the tourist traps. People who try to sell you stuff, take stupid pictures for a lot of money… So it is just a walk around. The cue is long and what I can see from the outside, the inside must be full of people. That cannot be fun. So this is of my to do list. But I find my first Geocache in Rome at the Colosseum. At least that is a success.

Again a scooter to the Circus Maximus. You can only see the form of it. Not much again. And again a lot of people. That is what mass tourism looks like. I can’t understand how it can be fun to run after a guide with an umbrella or some other sign.

So after exploring some more around it is back to the hotel (by scooter of course). I should have a budget only for transportation on holidays.

When I arrived I saw a nice restaurant just three houses or so from the hotel in the same street. The reviews were good on Google and the menu seemed interesting, so that is where I get my dinner.

Very nice food. Starter, pasta, a bottle of water and an Aperol spritz for about 20 Euros. Cheap compared to Norway. Very nice.

Since it already had been a long day, I go to bed not to late to enjoy the day tomorrow.

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