Unbelievable, but I am only two month away from my holidays. Looking very much forward to it.

My flights of about 25,500 miles all the way can be divided into 4 different legs.

1. leg on March, 25th (Molde (MOL) to Oslo (OSL))
I take an evening flight to get to the airport the night before. this is a leg I had to pay for and not included in my bonus ticket. So I take no risk and take a night in n hotel at the airport. Bette save than sorry. The flight the next morning was to dangerous for me.

2. leg on March, 26 to March, 28th (Oslo (OSL) to Auckland (AKL))
It is now, the fun starts. First the short hop from Oslo to Frankfurt with Lufthansa. Nothing special here, just a small Airbus A320 in business class. Then the next hop is from Frankfurt to Bangkok on an Airbus 350-900 with Thai Airways. Heard many good things about their business class. In Bangkok I have a 6,5 hour overlay which i will use to travel into Bangkok to find a geocache (and to get the stamp in my passport). After that (and maybe the chance to test the lounge at BKK) I fly from Bangkok to Sydney, again with Thai Airways, this time on the top deck of a Boeing 747-400. Very nice. Been on a 747 before with Lufthansa from Frankfurt to Vancouver. Now the real experience. Only a short stop in Sydney before I have to board the Air New Zealand flight to Auckland on their Boeing 787-9.

This is, what the route looks like:

The first two legs from Mode to Auckland
The first two legs from Mode to Auckland

3. leg on April, 8th (Auckland (AKL) to Christchurch (CHC))
Most of the time I will be on the northern island, but I will take a shorter trip to Christchurch before I go back to Wellington. Here i had the choice between Air New Zealand and Jetstar. Jetstar was half the price and I like to test another carrier. So this 90 minute flight will be more low cost.

Leg 3 from Auckland to Christchurch
Leg 3 from Auckland to Christchurch


4. leg April, 15th to April, 18th (Wellington (WLG) to Molde (MOL))
Time to go home. This time another route than on the way down to New Zealand. Starting at Wellington I will take the Singapore Airlines flight to Singapore, but with a short stop at Canberra. A new business class to test on their 777-300. I think they use older planes here, so let’s see, what it will be like. A 17 hour stop at Singapore allows me to get into the city to explore and of course find one geocache. I heard that Singapore Airlines offers free city tours for people with long layovers. If it fits into the timetable, I might do that.

Now on to the first of two Turkish Airline flights. First to Istanbul and then on a Airbus 321 to Vienna. There Austrian Airlines will take over and on the smallest plane on this journey (Embraer 190) I will get back to Oslo. Here end’s my business class adventure and the trip home with SAS will be standard as allways.

Last leg on the way back to Molde, starting at Wellington
Last leg on the way back to Molde, starting at Wellington


More about my plans outside the planes will come soon.


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