Sunday. What better day to start the day than to have a niiiiice cake for a late breakfast?! On my way to the Old Town (Gamla Stan). On the way I did some of the Geocaches but finally I arrived at the Cafe “Under Kastanjen“, My favorite street in town and a beautiful place to sit and take a break – or as in my case, start the day. Sitting there, enjoying some awesome chocolate cake and cafe latte *mmmmhhh*… But I want to do more this Sunday. Clouds up in the sky, but dry and not to cold.

I go for a walk to Djurgården along Strandvägen (which has a lot of geocaches – so even more reason to enjoy the beautiful walk there). My goal today i Skansen the open-air museum. Have not been there since my studies in Stockholm in 2002. For the last bit of the way I just hopped on the tram – I did some walking today… The entry fee is 100 SEK, which is acceptable. Fall means that the museum is not crowded at all, so a good chance to just slender around and look at the old houses from all over Sweden. Farms from the south, a wooden church from the west-coast, dwellings – amazing how people lived 200 years ago (6 people in one small room…).

At the end of the round I went to the old town center that was build with all the old shops and workshops – some of them open. Perfect to buy some fresh baked cinnamon and blueberry buns, sit down and live the dolce vita. 🙂

It starts raining – luckily at the end of my visit so just take the escalator down the hill (I know… lazy as hell) and buy some stamps for the postcards I wrote while eating cake. Be careful: At the Skansen shop they sell many things with “Skansen” on it, but I asked and not much of the stuff you can buy there is produced in the museum workshops…

It is now getting dark an my last geocache of the day is only a few tram stops away at Prince Eugens Waldemarsudde. This is an art museum but I didn’t get in there (paintings are not my thing), but I remember from years ago that it was quiet nice. Maybe you check out the link I provided.

I am tired, it is raining… back to Normalmstorget with the tram, taking a last stroll north to Svampen (which is Stureplan, but the sculpture there looks like a mushroom and Svampen is a known expression for a place you meet your friends in Stockholm when going out). Metro back to Skjärholmen and taking the bus to IKEA – yes… on a Sunday and IKEA. If you live as far away from the next IKEA as I do you use the chances you have to buy all this small nice things you need for your home (or don’t need but they are nice to have). So I came out with ouiet a bag full of stuff (nothing unplanned so – I proud of myself). Taking an early night again after 10 km walking best to end the day with some reading av TV.

Unfortunately tomorrow I have to go back home. :/

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