After waking up all to early, getting an overkill of news about the latest developments in Paris (Vive La France!) I got breakfast. A good choice of food – even if I had to fight the waffle-maker…

I started my morning with a small geocaching round in close proximity to the hotel. Enough to find there and a nice walk in the morning. Got myself a Swedish mobile card to get cheaper Internet.

TIP: I always try to get a local mobile card when traveling abroad. Compared to the roaming fees for data it is so much cheaper. I got a COMVIQ prepaid card with 3 GB data for 100 SEK plus 45 SEK for the card. I even charged my phone with 45 SEK for SMS and telephone. Valid for one year and you get a Swedish number anyone can call.

And off to Södermalm. T-bana to Liljeholmen, Tvärbanan to Gullmarsplan and changing to Skanstull. Good place to start a tour of Södermalm. But knowing the area I wanted o see some of the shops around Nytorget. Nice shops a little bit of the beaten path. I found a very nice American Diner in the style of the 60th – Lilys Burger. Great fresh made food and a great chocolate shake! (Check my Instagram for pictures).

Did some more walking around to find more geocaches – getting to areas I have never been before. Finally I ended up at Slussen and decided to go to Gamla Stan – t find my favorite Café… which unfortunately was crowded. Have to try tomorrow…

Some more walking (it is so easy here, it never gets boring!) to Kulturhuset and then up the shopping street doing some shopping with the eyes. 🙂 Could have bought a lot… but I have to restrain myself until me Christmas holidays in Germany (cheaper and Tax Free^^). Well, I got some fruit of an annoying seller at Högtorget (Heymarked) – 8 pieces for 20 SEK.

And after crossing the whole town, nearly dark outside and nearly 11 km of walking I went to the hotel, eating at the restaurant there. Food Ok, nothing special and the waitress kept addressing me in English and every time recognizing that I answer in Swedish.^^ She got it at the end.

Early up and early to bed. Tired like hell. A nice day (ok, the weather was grey and cold, but who cares in Stockholm).

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