I got carried away again. After some thinking I found out I could save a lot of money by rearranging my flights.

I booked my trip to Hong Kong in October using 80.000 Eurobonus miles, just paying 700 Norwegian Kroner for fees and taxes. Economy+ is worth it (more legroom etc.). And I already started to save some more points to do the same with Tokyo next year.

But I want to celebrate my 40th birthday in New Zealand and there is no way I would travel there in Economy. So Economy+ has to be it. The costs are around 14-15.000 Norwegian Kroner (1450-1570 Euro). Quiet expensive, but you only live once. ūüôā So would there be a possibility to get to New Zealand cheaper and better and saving money?

I did my research. A business class flight with Star Alliance (where SAS is a member of) would cost me 180.000 Eurobonus points. When I cancel my flight to Hong Kong and get the refund for my points used I would have 131.000 Eurobonus points. That is more than I need for an economy class ticket to NZ and planning ahead there are more bonus points coming in. So by end of November I will have the 180.000 then I can book.

The flight to Hong Kong in Eco+ with SAS had to be rebooked. It cost me 8200 Norwegian kroner including the refund from the canceled flight. That is 6000¬†NOK cheaper than flying¬†Eco+ to NZ and I will get the flight to NZ in¬†BIZ that normally would cost me 23.000 NOK or much much more. I have to be flexible with the travel date because of availability, but I can o that. And I hope to get a good combination of airlines, like Lufthansa and Singapore. Maybe a flight to Auckland and from Christchurch? We will see… ūüôā

I think this is a winner. I have to postpone my Tokyo flight… but I don’t think for too long. Still collecting new Eurobonus points.

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