Waking up to cloudy weather. But not cold. Today’s plan is to go to Trnava, a small city outside of Bratislava. The trip I planned for yesterday, but decided to move to today.

But first I have to take a tour to the tourist information to get the logbook from the geocache I finished yesterday. A big box with a lock that you only can open after you did the whole downtown tour.

That done it is time to go to the station. My 24 hour ticket is still valid. No need to purchase a new one. About 10 minutes with tram no. 1 to the main station.

The ticket I buy at the counter is a return ticket. And it is very cheap. 5,10 Euro to Trnava and back to Bratislava. That is a good price. Breakfast at a bakery in the station.

The slow train

The local train stops in every small town and serves every stop on the way. The journey of 43 km takes over an hour. First impression of the area around the station is, that they have a lot of upgrading to do to get everything up to date. That impression changes when I get to the old town. Everything there has been upgraded and they are still working on renewing the streets. An old medieval town with a city wall, towers, old houses. A pedestrian zone that is very nice to walk in.

Someone wrote that the locals call the city “Little Rome” because inside the city walls there are 9 churches and 2 synagogues. I don’t know if the comparison holds though. ūüėČ

The main reason for me to be here is to get a very rare cachetype – a webcam cache. Very few left in the world and the only one in Slovakia. I had to wait 20 minutes on the main square to get my picture from the webcam. Then I can do some more caches around the old town.

I did not go into any churches here – which seem to be the most important attractions beside the old buildings. But I have had enough of those during my holidays now. I take an e-scooter because some caches need some points that are quite distant to each other.

Otherwise, there is not much to do here, after you are done looking at the old town. No special shops or stuff that would take your attention.

90 minutes into my visit, it starts raining a little bit. I also got a brain-freeze calculating the final coordinates for a multi cache that I am doing. 2+6 is 8, not 7… that throws me 800 meters off the location. I will not talk about what I paid for the e-scooter for the time I used it. ūüėÄ

Back to Bratislava and I am lucky, that the regional train is 5 minutes late. So I get to Bratislava faster. This train takes only 35 minutes, with an acceptable speed. Outside temperature 26 degrees C.

This time I buy a single ticket. 97 cents in the app, valid for 30 minutes. Tram no. 1 back to the center and I find a little supermarked, selling local stuff – not the stuff you find at the Lidl 2 houses away. Get som water and fruit and something for coffee.

Back home a little bit of rest, watching some series before it is time to get dinner. Again at one of the two restaurants outside my door. Schweineschnitzel with mashed potatoes. Not bad. I think tomorrow will also be Schnitzel day. ūüôā

Dinner today

Finally a day where I kept it a little bit down. Under 10.000 steps. It will be a different story tomorrow.

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